Yoga – Utthita Parsvakonasana


yoga utthita parsvakonasana, extended side angle pose and its benefits

Utthita Parsvakonasana is a Yoga pose where, you lean on one of the sides of your body and then extend your arms to get a full stretch. You pronounce it as – oo-THEE-tah  parsh-vah-cone-AHS-ana)
utthita = extended; parsva = side, flank; kona = angle and aasana = pose.

How to do Utthita Parsvakonasana :

  • Inhale and Start in Tadasana,
  • Exhale and step on to your right side until you get a good stretch in your legs
  • Make sure that both the feet are about 3 to 4 ft apart facing inward
  • Inhale and bring your hands to the Warrior I pose
  • Maintain your balance
  • Exhale, push your right knee, turn your palms upward slowly bring your left arm over your head
  • You can rest your right arm on your right thigh or take it all the way down, next to your right foot.
  • Feel the stretch and bend to your right as much as possible.
  • Hold in the position for about 3 breaths.
  • Then come back to Tadasana
  • Now repeat the same on the left side.
  • Do a set of 4 to get a good stretch on the sides

yoga utthita parsvakonasana, extended side angle pose and its benefits

Model : Aman Grewal

Caution: Avoid this pose if you have a

  • Headache
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Recent or chronic injury to the hips, knees, neck or shoulders.

Benefits of Utthita Parsvakonasana

  • Extended Side Angle pose opens the side of the body
  • energizes the body
  • strengthens the legs.

The Utthita Parsvakonasana is one basic Yoga pose I practice when I need to energise myself or have to stretch myself after a long day of sitting at work. It gets your blood flowing and flushes your cheek. Do try it for when you need some energy or you need to just stretch. If you already have tried it then let me know what you feel about this pose. Either ways I’d love to hear from you, leave me your comments here or you can reach me on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin |




44 Replies to “Yoga – Utthita Parsvakonasana”

  1. Will you ever consider making YouTube videos teaching yoga poses? You are a master at it and have been practising for so many years so it will be amazing to get proper guidance through video from you.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. And now I type from the floor, rolling in pain 🙂 No, no I am kidding you, I really like this method. The only yoga I have ever done was on the Wii Fit program but it has always fascinated me. Everything I hear about it is so positive. Very lovely pictures too 🙂 Kisses

  3. Great tips, thank you! I haven’t done yoga in a long time and would love to start doing it again 🙂

  4. Oh I do this but had no idea that this is what it is called. I have yoga DVD’s that I follow.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Thank you for this tip!! I’ve been going to a chiropractor lately and stretching is something I have to do more often!

  6. Fabulous form! I always admire anyone who can do yoga. It is such a beautiful art form.

  7. I definitively need to get into the yoga. I have been planing it for years, but never have a time. 🙁 I guess I will have to give it a try.

  8. Great tips !- this is the second time I will try to submit my comment, hopefully it will work this time.
    I wish I had more time for Yoga, for some weeks I have not done any exercise and my entire body and spirit miss it.
    xoxo, Elena from Beauty Magic Box

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