Yoga Stretches: Paschima Namaskaraasana


We just commemorated the International Yoga Day on the 21st June, 201 and here’s my next post with more of Yoga. The next post in the Yoga series is the Paschima Namaskaraasana or the Reverse Prayer Pose.  Pashchima = West, refers to the back of the body, Namaskara = greeting. This aasana can be done sitting that is either in Padmasana, Veerasana, Vajrasan or even standing Tadasana (mountain pose)

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Image Credits: Haarika P.V. Reddy

How to Do it:

  • Beginners can either pick Padmasana, Veerasana or Vajrasana, whereas others proficient in Yoga can try Tadasana pose.
  • Relax the shoulders and Bring your arms behind your back and join the palms with fingertips facing downward.
  • Inhale & turn the fingertips inwards towards the spine and bring them to face upwards.
  • Ensure that the knees are still slightly bent and the palms are pressed firmly against each other.
  • Stay in the position for a couple of breaths.
  • As you exhale, slowly turn the fingertips downward.
  • Bring the arms to the side of the body and breathe normally
  • Initially you might be able to only touch your lower back, but on regular practice you’d able to get it until your upper back

Pashchima-NamaskarasanaImage Credit:


  • Stretches the upper back.
  • Stretches the shoulder joints and pectoral muscles.
  • Strengthens the wrists and forearms.


  •  Avoid this aasana if you have low blood pressure, arm injury or shoulder injury.

Have you tried Paschima Namaskarasana (Reverse Prayer Pose) and did it help you in stretching your shoulder muscle ? I’d love to hear from you! You can also reach me on : Facebook Twitter Bloglovin |




26 Replies to “Yoga Stretches: Paschima Namaskaraasana”

  1. I remember trying this for the first time in my first ever yoga class…let’s just say it didn’t work at all. Now I’m capable of mastering this and it’s really effective for me and my back, especially after sitting for 10 hours at my office job 🙂

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. This looks like a great posture especially for 10hr PC users 😛 Will try this coming weekend!

  3. i can barely reach perfectly but i do love this asana
    lovely post ,u must do many of these sort of posts 🙂

  4. I have kept myself away from Yoga as I am lazy person and Yoga needs time and patience. This asana looks really easy, so I can try it out!

  5. i love doing yoga and this is one stretch i like to include in my routine

  6. I’m one of a biggest yoga fan and can relate the importance of this aasna !!! Its very important to hold the posture right or one may get their self injured…

  7. Firstly, I love what you are wearing. The sequences look so pretty. This posture seems a bit difficult to start with but can do wonders to your body!

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