Yoga – Goddess Pose with Forward Bend


How to do goddess Squat pose with forward bend, Utkata Konasana and it's benefits, Yoga for back pain and stress relief

The next in the Yoga – Advanced series is the Goddess Pose or the Fiery Angel Pose with forward bend variation. The goddess pose is essentially to stretch the lower half of your body, where as the forward bend is to stretch your upper half. The Fiery Angel Pose is also known as the Utkata Konasana, but shown here is with a slight variation to make it a more intense and challenging to give you an extra stretch for your upper body too.

How to do Goddess Pose with forward bend?

  1. Inhale Stand with feet apart on your sides. Exhale lifting your heels only and bringing your hands to the side with palms facing you
  2. Inhale once more and hold the pose for 3 seconds, Now exhale and slowly bend forward arch your back, bringing your palms onto the ground. Hold the pose for 3 seconds.
  3. Make sure your heels are off the ground and that you are standing only on your toes
  4. Inhale and slowly come up and release your heels back on the ground. repeat atleast 3 more times and try to hold in stances for a longer time.

Below is a video for more clarity on the pose with yet again a slight variation, where the hands are crossed:

Remember to Inhale while releasing from the stretch and exhale before getting into the stretch. Do not push yourself too much You’ll only end up hurting. Do only what you can.

Benefits of the Goddess Pose :

  1. A perfect warm-up that stretches your upper body, core and lower body too
  2. Strengthens your core, quadriceps and inner thigh muscles
  3. Heats the body and hence aids blood circulation

Cautions: Avoid this pose if you have had any sevre injury/surgery to the neck, spine, hips or legs

How to do goddess Squat pose with forward bend, Utkata Konasana and it's benefits, Yoga for back pain and stress relief

Have you tried the Goddess Pose along with the forward bend yet? If not do try and let me know how it felt. You may leave me your comments here or  on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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33 Replies to “Yoga – Goddess Pose with Forward Bend”

  1. Superb! It requires remarkable flexibility of the back and strength in the hamstrings. I guess consistent practice eventually will help us master the pose over time.

  2. I really want to take up yoga… especially now that I have slightly injured my thigh, I really think I need stretching to help it feel better… I am not sure how graceful I would be but it would be good to gain some balance xox

  3. What perfect timing to read this post as I take baby steps into the world of yoga 🙂 thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this pose…it stretches upper body along with spine…perfect warm up pose…loved the xlixks..

  5. I would love to learn yoga! Tried once together with my aunt and would love to learn more! =)

  6. i love yoga and found this post too easy when i had first started doing it. :/

  7. Remarkable !!! I’m a biggest yoga junkie and to perform this asana, one needs to have strong back, arms and thighs .. But can’t deny the effects of this asana x

  8. Ohh… I do practice yoga daily and I have known forward bent, but not about the Goddess pose, I will try doing this. I must mention, this pose looks so beautiful. Lovely!

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