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How many times have you wanted to change your nail colour to match your outfit? Almost everyday right? That would be my answer for sure! You’ll find me in a neutral colour nail paint more often than not, to ease off the colour matching with the outfit, so that If I’m heading out after work and I’ve no time to match my nail paint to my look, at least it would look cohesive. Now you needn’t worry, YLG Salon with it’s Nails 365, brings in a comprehensive Nail Care and Colour range which solves this one for you. So you are ready to get to a party from work and you can get your nail done, while you are sitting through Bangalore City’s Traffic Jam. Yes.. It’s that easy!

Let me give you more details on that. It’s thursday, I go to work with Neutral Nail paints most of the weekdays. Imagine I’ve an event to head to post that, and I take about 45 minutes to any place in Bangalore post 6PM. Enroute to the place, all I do is take out these add on glitter or nail art vials and just apply them onto. Wallah! I have a nail art on my boring neutral colour paint.

There is one more thing I hate about changing nail colours, those dreadful cotton balls and the  of nail enamel removers. It’s acetone stink and dryness just turns me down, the residue that turns your nail yellow post nail paint removal is just not acceptable anymore. Did you know that it damages your cuticle? Anyway, let’s put that to an end too with YLG’s Nails 365 Magic Dip, indeed a blessing for someone like us 9 to 7 working women. When you want to get rid of the colour, just dip your nail in the Magic Dip and its gone in approximately 6 seconds about 3 to 4 swipes, or if you’ve had more coats on then it would be about 5 swipes. That’s all!

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Remember how those glitters get stuck on your nails, while the colour is gone and the sparkles are still there. Gone are those days too, I put on YLG Nails 365’s ‘Peel-off Base Coat’ instead of the normal base coat. Then top it with 2 layers of colour paint and then the shimmers or glitters or nail art stickers. When I’m bored I just give the nail paint a nudge from the side and it is off. Wasn’t that easy? Without any trouble or stinky smell of the nail remover. I am going to continue using this one with or without the glitter. It will replace the need of reaching out to a nail enamel remover completely.

The next day is Friday and I feel like going with red nail paint to work, but for an evening out with my friends I like to do add a bit of gold streak to it.  No worries at all, I take one of those vials with gold paint on and splash it on. Tadaa! Ready in 10 minutes. I don’t really have a problem with my nails looking flat, although I’ve seen a couple of my friends who do mind. For those of you who do, you can replace your top coat with the YLG Nails 365’s plumping top coat.

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Let me make it all simple to you, for wonderful nail looking art all you got to do is

  1. Dip your nail in the Magic Dip for 3 seconds and swipe thrice, to remove the previous colour
  2. Apply the peel off base coat
  3. Top it with 2 coats of colour
  4. Make it arty with nail art, or bling with nail art glitters.
  5. For plump looking nails, top it with the plumping top coat

Simple right? I suggest you try out YLG’s Nails 365 range of products and I assure you it won’t leave you disappointed. I will surely head back and repurchase the Magic Dip and the Peel-Off Base Coat. Go try this range, when you do leave me your comments here and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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