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Pearls in Odd Size

The days of simple work wear look is a bygone era; it’s time to make it more chic and stylish. A necklace can add that essential amount of chic, bling to your work wear and make you look stylish. I wasn’t the kind of person, who would wear heavy statement pieces to work, but then I’m getting used to this trend now since it has fetched me a lot of complements. So here are a few ways of adding those statement necklaces to your work wear wardrobe. Also, do read my previous post that talks about necklaces and necklines too.

You have different statement pieces to choose from : (Hover on the pictures to see descriptions)


Here’s how you can wear those statement necklaces to work: (hover on the pictures to know more)

 Hope you got inspired by this post, and are inspired to accessorize your work wear with statement necklaces. I hope you read my previous post about choosing the right necklaces for different necklines. How would you wear statement necklaces to work? Do leave me your comments here or you may also reach me on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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11 Replies to “Work Wear: Necklaces”

  1. These are some great suggestion dear. Still now lot of us are scared to wear statement jewelry pieces to work. But if the pieces are coordinated correctly with attire they don’t look over the top.

  2. I live statement neck pieces they are perfect for all occasions
    I love the dainty layered pearl necklaces too apt for work and formal events and Indian style beaded Polki necklaces

  3. I really love the abstract copper wire necklace and the pearl necklace ones. 🙂 xx

  4. Work clothes (especially those collared shirts) definitely need a bit of a glam added to it. Great suggestions Chaicy 🙂

  5. Thanks for the major #styleinspo! Strands of pearls have always been my favourite, but I also love the peek-a-boo statement you can make with a more prominent piece.

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