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Watches are indeed essential to get that look right, here are a few ones I’m loving this season. Not at all brand specific but, more so concentrating on the design and the colour that are trending this season.

Tans for your workwear:

I prefer neutral colours over bright pops and designs when it comes to workwear. The same is applicable to watches as well, one with a tan strap is perfect to go with my work wardrobe which is more often than not structured silhouettes in solid colours.

Boyfriend Watch:

That perfect boyfriend watch is one that has a big dial, with multiple functions that states the date and day too. A small tweak to this one, like the colour of the strap here in pale pink which makes is look like it wasn’t really your boyfriend’s.



A little Sparkle:

For those formal events, I prefer to give a dash of sparkle with a few swarovski jewels encrusted around the dial. Subtle yet powerful.


Nautical vibe:

The blue, white and red straps are making their appearance everywhere. I love how this watch can instantly change a casual look to that of a sea faring one. You can wear this to a brunch pool party with your shorts and your floppy hat.


Rose gold for festive season:

The wedding season is upon us and for those who love simple jewels, a rose gold metal strap watch is a must. You can always count on it to add that extra elegance. You can also wear it with a formal evening dress, this piece is indeed a multi-tasking one.

Gold metallic chain and Big White dial:

Another trend I’m loving this season is the gold metallic chain along with a big white dial with roman numerals on it. This one works best when paired with a formal work wear or business casual looks.


Tortoise Shell Dial:

Very few watches have this kind of a dial and this one is my favourite. Perfect for office wear or casual with an androgenous vibe only because of it’s square outer dial.


Wood Watches:

Off late I’ve taken to this trend of wearing wood watches and I love it! Since it looks all handmade and exquisite.

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