Winter: Shades of Grey and Houndstooth

Through the darkest shades of grey
I see beauty in the rain
I find myself, hold me tears are blinding my eyes
Let me find myself, go free and walk alone in the night

Through the darkest shades of grey
I see beauty in the rain
Heart stops on the ground where I’m lying
Called out to a stranger and I
But it was youuuu hu huu, youuuuu hu huu
– Delilah


Winter is when Grey finds its way back to my closet! You can find me adorning a piece in Grey almost everyday. Another trend I’m following this Fall is the “Houndstooth”. *Can’t get enough of this*.

I’ll tell you how you could wear Houndstooth for your body type.

Pear : 
Although prints like these add a lot of volume to this body type, it’s too hard to stay away from it since these trends are on the streets everywhere. It’s very necessary to know how you could tweak it to suit your body. What I did was, I picked a skirt in darker Grey colour and a Black print, wore it with a turtle-neck raglan sleeves sweater and the other accessories in Black.

Photo Credits: Raj

Another option is it to layer a Houndstooth Blazer with a dress or other outfits. Now this can be picked up in a lighter colour.

Source:, Photo by: Luiz Belo

Choose dresses with psychedelic houndstooth prints or prints in varying sizes.


Apple Shape: 
Try incorporating Houndstooth print around the hem, shoulder or in your accessories or shoes



Choose a neckline that exposes your Decollete and pick a wide belt to show off your slim waistline

Inverted Triangle or Fuller Bust: 
Choose a Scoop neck or wide shoulder top with a pencil skirt in houndstooth print


Do you love this trend and if so, how would you wear Houndstooth for Fall 2013?

28 Replies to “Winter: Shades of Grey and Houndstooth”

  1. I love winter! And it has something to do with knit sweaters, ear muffs, beanie hats and comfy boots! I love the color grey, so versatile and very easy to style. It’s like the other ‘black’ favourite of mine, but just grey – if that makes sense haha.

  2. love the poem, i read it now, in the midle of rain, and i feel i just got that feeling 🙂
    i really like the Hourglass one, so pretty and sexy at the same time

  3. i really love winter for dark colors and we can wear more dresses and colors. grey and dark pattern are so much in demand.

  4. I’m obsessed with houndstooth… normally in black and white… but with burgundy is also gorgeous…
    and ur outfit is beautiful! Love how even the shoes have different shades of grey ^^
    xoxo! giglove!!

    novelstyle ^^

  5. I love houndstooth – It’s such a classic, versatile print – You can go super traditional or bold. That skirt is a great piece! <3 GIGLove

  6. I love the pattern, and this outfit is so incredibly flattering. I have been wanting a pair of low gray pumps myself, so I especially love those. 🙂

  7. Great tips!! I love winter here.. n I love Houndstooth as well.. I have a pink houndstooth overcoat! I love wearing it.. I am not a very grey person though.. I like to brighten up the gloomy winter weather with some pop of colors 🙂
    xxx giglove

  8. I love winters and they are already here in my country !!! Love mysterious grey for gloomy winter evenings and night-out!!! Loving the dresses and you looked completely gorgeous 🙂 xx

  9. Seems like checker is in trend now for winter! I love that pump with grey gradient…… lovely!

  10. That twenty3 shoes! I almost want to get it. But I’m not a person that could match clothes that well. 🙁

  11. My favourite colour is grey! I think its very classy, and combined with the houndstooth print, it exudes such elegance and style =)

  12. Your outfit is very classy and chic. I love the combo of the print with the plain color. And the idea of describing the outfit with the poem is a great idea. Love.

  13. I liked how you paired the shirt and skirt together 🙂 Personally I also do it this way so that it will make me look slimmer from the waist down while at the same time hiding my tummy bulge :p

  14. i like your outfit! i have a houndstooth jacket that i was gifted, but it is too big for me 🙁 i would love a skirt with this print!! 😀 giglove

  15. I love houndstooth print! I’m especially loving the dress that the hour glass model is wearing. gig

  16. I like the grey, but houndstooth is probably one of the trends that I don’t find appealing at all. I have no idea why 🙁

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