Winter Essentials: Shoes


tan heel brogues, winter shoes,

Winter is the only time we can wear boots and I never let it go waste. Even if you are planning on hibernating this winter, these shoes will make you want to get out and have fun.

Black Studded Boots:

Perfect for casual outfits, the ankle lenght of the boots will assure you all the warmth that you need. The black studs to add a dash of sparkle with out making it OTT. I picked this up at the Westside Store.

winter shoes, canvas studded shoes

winter shoes, canvas studded shoes

Monochrome Brogues:

I love anything monochrome, more so this shoe has a vintage charm to it. I love those Brogue details and the bow as well. I usually wear this with an electric Blue tapered trouser and a nautical print T-shirt tucked in. Since this one looks androgynous you could pair them with Culottes and a fitted blouse along with a dash of rouge lipstick to bring out the feminine balance. Bought this from MBK in Bangkok.

winter shoes, monochrome brogues, charlie chaplin shoes

winter shoes, monochrome brogues, charlie chaplin shoes

Canvas Combat boots:

These are just replicas of the actual combat boots and therefore, are made from canvas so that they are light and wearable in tropical climatic conditions as well. I love how these go above the ankle until mid-calf and also those 3 little stars. They are super comfy and can be worn in rain as well. And yes, they keep you warm in winter. 🙂 Bought it from Jabong, I like wearing these with my skinnies or a Desi Block Print Maxi to give it that Boho look.

Winter shoes, Combat Boots

Winter shoes, Combat Boots

 Tan Block Heel Brogues:

These might look heavy but quite frankly these are super light and I usually wear them with a Georgette print summer dress along with stockings. Therefore balancing out the girly silhouette of the dress with that of the androgynous Brogues. Bought this from MBK in Bangkok as well.

tan heel brogues, winter shoes,

tan heel brogues, winter shoes,

 Photo Credits: Haarika Reddy

What are your winter picks? Do leave me your comments :)


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33 Replies to “Winter Essentials: Shoes”

  1. Agree with each and every one of your picks for the winter!! 🙂 They look stylish and comfy at the same time

  2. Chaicy, I do hope everything is going well for you… for Winter in Nova Scotia, I rarely get to wear anything too cute on my feet… they have to be very warm and waterproof but that is okay, I want to keep my feet protected… I look forward to the Spring where I can buy cute shoes xox <3

  3. Totally love those Combats and boots! We must say you really got some quirky stuff on the board! Love all your posts Chaicy! Thanks much for the visit! Happy to know such amazing people like you!

    Lots of love,
    Streets in Vogue.

  4. I love those black studded boots! I’d wear them anyway and anytime, not just winter 🙂

  5. Absolutely love all the shoes. Really cute and pretty. Especially the tan block heel boots.

  6. I would totally go for the boots in a heart beat! I like boots a lot, plus I can’t really pull of the other two anyway. =P


  7. The block heel brogues are really something – I saw a similar pair at Boden recently and fell in love! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend..


  8. I would like to get a pari of black studded boots for my dearest.. aww. That’s awesome. Giglove

  9. the monochrome brogues are lovely! ive just been wearing my pointed toe ankle boots

  10. I love your list.. I’m not a fan of the studded boots so I’ll add Litas and thigh high boots to this.. Great pick with the brogues 🙂

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