Warm Winter Fashion


Fashion is for everyone, including dogs 🙂
Do ya’ all agree?
Either you need to take your paw buddy for a walk in the chilled winter evenings or take him along with you for a winter holiday; he might need a care of warmth and a dash of style to feel more comfortable. There are a range of stylish winter apparels for your dog – jackets and sweaters. You can even get the clothes customized for your pet’s size.
Degree up the style quotient with this muffler and for a walk nice and warm!



It is soft and warm, your pet will love wearing it.

Royal Chocolate jacket

It’s water-resistant, super easy to clean, doesn’t let any hair stick on it, and looks awesome. Ofcourse, the added bonus is that it’s beautifully stitched, is uber fashionable and will keep your pet warm and toasty during the cold winter months. This designer dog coat has velcro fastening which makes it easy to put on and take off and also ensures a great fit. This jacket provides partial cover to the under belly.
 Picture source http://www.headsupfortails.com


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  1. These are adorable, It is very important to remember our pets in the cold weather!

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