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With advancements in technology the way we shop is changing definitively. Van Heusen is bringing Tech and Style together at their revamped Style Studio in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Over the past 25 years, Van Heusen, the brand that pioneered Power Dressing in India, is not only known for its fashionable collections, it has also established itself as the most innovative brand in the category with concepts like Best White, Travelog etc. The brand recently reinvented its business model to launch MYFIT, an innovative solution for customer focusing around fit, size and style a first-of-its-kind offline-online integrated solution and another milestone in the brands long innovation history.

Let me walk you through the new features available at the store. As soon as you step into the store, you have a Body Image Capturing booth, that scans you for the right measurements, so that you know the right size of clothing to pick. Then, you register yourself so that this information is stored in your membership card and the data is accessible for quick reference while shopping. Next you head to the Fit Station and scan your membership card, it suggests what styles you would look good in. Pick the ones you like and stand in front of the Virtual Mirror, which takes a picture of you. Now you can virtually try those dresses you like or the ones the application suggests you to. Once you have the images, You then can shortlist what you like and head to the trial room.

Revamped Store and The Latest Collection:
The Interactive Features in the store:
Trial Room Features:

The Trial room has one more feature where you can set the light to day, evening or night so you know how one outfit would look on you in different light settings. There is another image scanner just outside the trial room that lets you take a picture of you in all the dresses you have tried, save this and later compare as to what you would want from the ones you have tried. Need help from your friends, then email the picture and get responses too. Visit Van Heusen Store now and try it first hand, let me know how you like it and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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  1. Ohh this is same idea like jealous 21 mirror check! I think it’s cool to check if something fits your style or not.

  2. This surely is a nice place and the scanning part omg something new i hv got to know now..
    Wishing u a Merry Christmas.. Enjoyy

  3. Superb they have really gone one step ahead ..Best example how technolgy and fashion goes hand in hand now..You look lovely in your pics..

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