Yoga: Utthita Paadangushtasana


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Utthita Hastha Padaangushtasana or Extended Hand to big toe pose, is one of those advanced stretches in Yogasana. It simply means to bring your toes to touch your hand while standing.

Utthita  = Standing ; Hastha  = Hand ; Padaangushta = feet touching your hands ; aasana = pose

Here is how to do it:

  1. Stand in Tadasana
  2. Folding your left knee to touch the belly, slowly reach out to your toe
  3. Make sure you reach out from inside the thigh, so it is easier for you while extending the leg
  4. Should your hamstrings be tight, hold a strap looped onto your left sole
  5. Inhale and Exhale,  to extend the left leg forward.
  6. Straighten the knee as much as possible, remember to breathe steadily.
  7. Hold for 30 seconds and slowly release
  8. Repeat on the other side as well

Here is a video for reference: (It might not be exactly the same as I have narrated above)



It strengthens your legs, knee and ankle muscles, while stretching and toning them the same time. You reap an improved sense of balance from this aasana.

Cautions and Contradictions:

Avoid this aasana if you have lower back, knee or ankle injuries.

Recomended Preparatory poses:

  1. Uttanasana
  2. Supta Paadangushtasana
  3. Supta Virasana

Follow up poses:

  1. Uttanasana
  2. Adho Mukha swanasana
  3. Bhujangasana

This is one of the best stretches for your leg and I suggest you try it. For beginners I recommend that you try resting your raised leg on a chair lightly, until you get the hang of this aasana. If you have already tried this aasana, then do share your comments on the same and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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