Upcycled Fashion – Give an Old Item a New Look

Introducing a new section for DIYs where Priyanka i.e. Priee, will show you ‘How to re-cycle and re-use old items‘.
In her words:
Upcyled – New and Improved!
Upcycled is a fancy way to say that you have used your creative juices and made something out of a well-used item and I love that it is being put that way. Just makes your craft feel so much more important.


Turning an old garment or bag into a new piece of accessory is one of my favourite challenges. Anyone can buy some fresh fabric and make a bag right?
The idea is to match a few different elements aesthetically. Here are a few examples of my favourite old items made into something new. I have used pebbles, cord, a couple of scarves and a few beads in most of them. All it takes is some free time and patience.
 Inspirations from Etsy.com, Marthastewart.com and Tipnut.com
Next Blog post will include detailed instructions on How tos’. Keep visiting Style.. A Pastiche! to learn more.

21 Replies to “Upcycled Fashion – Give an Old Item a New Look”

  1. I love DIY’s! Especially when I can use things that I already have laying around the house. GIG

  2. Up cycling fashion sounds like a great idea, I’m really terrible for DIY hahaha. lovely post <3 big hugs <3

  3. Of course, I love DIYs! It’s always so satisfying to make something yourself, especially out of items you already have in the house! These are all very creative. GIG

  4. Amazing ideas! the pieces look so good! Will be waiting for the how to!! I love DIY’s .. n I’m planning to buy a good sewing machine some time soon .. <3 giglove

  5. I always love simple DIY ideas, its always fun to make something yourself, even if mine never turns out the way I want it too, LOL

  6. Love people creative and good at DIY. I think it’s such a good thing to give a second life to objects…I wish I had time and patience to do it myself. love what you did.

  7. OMG!!! This is sucha wicked idea to recycle your old goods into a whimsical new one…. I shall have to try some one these ideas 😀

  8. Lovely idea!!! These necklaces are all so pretty 🙂
    Love the black and red one 🙂



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