The Evergreen Military Trend


Military Trend doesn’t necessarily mean Camouflage print or cargo pants; you could pick from jackets or trench coats with ribbed buttons, trousers with gathered leg-cuffs, lace-up boots, messenger bags, hats, body belts, shoulder pad jackets, Army boots, Avaitor sunglasses, Epaulette details and the list is never ending. You don’t really have to make it avant-garde, simple details can add the ‘much’ needed Military touch to your normal outfit.

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Here are my picks for a simple ‘Military trend’ inspired Outfits that anyone can wear:

1) Shirt Dress – Shirt dresses in Olive green worn with accents of  gold and brown paired with boots.

2) Jackets – A Jacket with padded shoulders and buttons or epaulette details

3) Belt it – Wear a trench coat as a dress with a Belt around it or a parka with a trouser

4) Capes – Pick a cape in either of these colours – Oxblood, Navy, Khakhi or Olive Green, with golden button details

5) Olive Green Trousers – A simple olive green trouser with a white shirt or a singlet paired with Heels is a sure shot way of nailing the military trend too.

6) Military Hats – Structured hats inspired military hats can instantly add that chic military vibe to any outfit.

7) Dress and a Jacket combo – An olive green shirt / jacket or a camouflage jacket thrown casually over a little black dress or a bodycon dress, paired with lace-up boots or heels look great too

The images for the above are numbered accordingly, click and scroll for more details:

Pointers on how to make the Military look Chic:
  1. Choose jackets or shirts with ribbed button details or big gold buttons,
  2. The garment you pick must be structured and tailored according to your size.
  3. If your outfit is androgynous then add heels instead of Boots and viceversa
  4. Remember to restrict the key pieces in your outfit in the coours – Olive Green, Khakhi or Navy
  5. For a party look add gold to your green outfit.

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