The Carrie Diaries – My Favorite looks from Episode1

Have you ever thought how Young Carrie’s style would be, after her most acclaimed grown up role in the infamous SATC. Stylist Eric Daman, from the Gossip Girl fame surely made her young, daring and vibrant persona from SATC come to life. She’s not afraid of mixing prints, trends and colours.

Here’s my attempt to recreate some of her looks that are my favorites from Season 1 Episode 1 with a little tweak. I made use of the key elements in her outfit to transform the look so that it suits me and other women as well and not just teens
Her intro look in that Black Polka Dot dress with a Peppermint Green Denim Jacket was very young probably not suitable for all.. Here’s my take on it

Here’s another look where she wears a Chiffon-Silk Blouse with a High Waist Bermuda Shorts. I’m probably not so comfortable wearing Bermudas to office so I replaced it with a Pencil Skirt and to add Colour added some elements in Emerald Green

My next favorite look of hers is the one where she mixes a Silver Sequin Net Dress with an Animal Print Cardigan accented with bold colors like Neon Red, Neon Green and a Bright Vibgyor Belt. Here’s how you can recreated it

That’s all for now.. More in the making. So do come back!

I’d be glad to know what you guys think!


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  1. That sequin net dress is fab. If only I could get away with dressing like that every day haha!

  2. great blog! i love the 3. look!<3
    i have a new blog, would you like to follow each other?:)
    kisses NZ <3

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