That Skate Board Kid



Did you know that Skate Boarding came to being during the late 1940s, when the surfers didn’t know what to do when there were no waves. So, they picked up their boards and attached a few roller skating wheels to it and whizzed around. Well, need is the mother of all inventions and discoveries indeed!

I remember being introduced to Skate boarding back when I watched this movie ‘The Skate Board Kid’. The stunts in the movie were basic but, it did make me want to witness live. Well, that did come true at the Vans – Go Skateboarding 2015 event organised by VANS on 21st of June, 2015 – World Skate Boarding Day. The event commenced in Cubbon Park with ramps being set up for stunts and ended at the Vivekananda Metro station, Bangalore. Here are a few captures from the event:

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  1. beautiful pictures i love seeing young talented kids. I wish I could do skateboarding but I’m afraid I’ll break somewhere lol.
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  2. Great photos from the event – some of the kids skateboarding are so young! wow!


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