Textured Fabric Necklace

I love wearing bright colors and working with colorful fabrics. White is somehow not my favorite. But  I found this really pretty embroidered white fabric and I wanted to make something out of it.

When I had the idea for this necklace, the white fabric seemed perfect .And its a really simple necklace which took me only an hour to make.

So here it is :-
You will need
  • Textured fabric in any color ,
  • An assortment of buttons and beads .I have chosen all white for this particular piece .
This is how I put it together .
  • Basically I have traced out different shapes and cut 4 – 5  pieces of each shape .I have used a bottle which has a triangular shape on the top and bottom , and a small lid .Also I cut up some squares in just about the same size.
  • Stack the cut layers of fabric neatly as below.
  • Sew the center and place your bead/button.
  • This is how my finished flowers look.They have a few extra embellishments compared to the Supplies picture. I was going for a slightly asymmetric look and have arranged it in this order. Have also included two woolen balls to balance the look.
  • Overlap the  layers on the bottom and sew in place. Attach the chain to the ends of the necklace with a hand-stitch or fabric glue.

Done !!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed doing it. Do leave me your comments.


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