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Conversation and feature Fashion Designer Pallavi Naidu

I’m a South Indian as well, my Mom grew-up wearing Langa-Davanis. Although I have few of them in my closet, I do not wear them as a pair. I always bring in a twist; eg.: pair the skirt with a pair of Boots and a Leather Jacket or pair the Blouse with a Drop Crotch Pant. I remember my relatives telling me:

“What’s wrong with you??! Why are you even spoiling a beautiful (expensive) ensemble by pairing it with weird looking Pants and Jackets”.


So, Pallavi Naidu’s Collection for me was a huge inspiration. It proved that we can wear Indian traditional attire by making it look fresh and in sync with current trends in terms of colour, Fabrics, Prints, Blouse patterns embracing the fact that traditional outfits can be given an edgy twist.

Here’s ‘Me’ in conversation with Pallavi Naidu:
Me:  What inspired you to be a Fashion Designer?
Pallavi: I like creating new things. Information or innovations fascinate me, from which I derive my inspiration. I like mixing up things just to see what happens, irrelevant to the circumstances. Joining NIFT, helped me in processing and executing my designs. Soon after which, I worked for renowned designers in Mumbai, for hands-on experience in the fashion industry. When I thought I was ready to launch, I resigned the company and started working on my own.
Me: What’s your personal style?
Pallavi: Something that I’m comfortable in. Its often a tee or a kurta with a pair of jeans.
Me: You took the Langa-Davani/Voni Tradition to a whole new level with fresh colours and fabrics.What inspired your latest collection? How would you define the style your Collection ‘PALLU’ exemplifies?
Pallavi: This is my debut collection and it’s a creative experimentation which I believe would be accepted by girls who want to try something ethnic yet more casual and street smart. The look of this collection is outgoing in its own way. The use of denims and knits itself gives the feeling for leisure and dreaminess.  So I teamed it up with colored Gandhi glasses for a day-out-look. My inspiration is my vicinity and my tradition. Our moms were told to wear half sarees as a daily wear in those days, but I didn’t find that tradition to be continuing and I thought why not come up with a casual line of langa voni. PALLU means a loose end of a saree, which I thought was apt for this collection.
Me: I heard Arjun Khanna say “If we do not exhibit a Wedding Collection we’ll be out of business this season”. When all the other designers were only concentrating on a wedding collection for the impending season, what made you come up with a collection that defied this tradition?
Pallavi: This is a winter collection. If its only wedding collection, then people have to hunt for       weddings to happen just to wear the wedding collection. I designed keeping the season in mind.
Me: Who is your muse? Who do you think is eternally beautiful, stylish and inspired/inspires you the most?
Pallavi: Indrani Dasgupta! I love her features and she is just gorgeous.
Me: Who is/are your favorite designer/s? What do you like about him/her/them?
Pallavi: I have favorites depending on the collections they showcase. I can’t pick one in particular.
Me: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Pallavi: Haven’t reached a stage where I can give advices. I’m learning myself.
Me: Where can readers see and get their hands on your collection?
Pallavi: We haven’t retailed yet. But the website and other retail addresses are coming up soon. Meanwhile they can contact us through email: design@pallavinaidu.in, or follow us on facebook and twitter.
Me: Is there Anything else you’d like to say?
Pallavi: Quoted by Alexander McQueen, which I truly relate to: “I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”
Me: True That! 🙂
Hope I’ve captured the spirit of the designer well enough, to inspire you to continue pairing ethnic ensembles with a twitst. You can follow Pallavi Naidu on Facebook here! Also here’s the previous article ‘Trend Report on Pallavi Naidu’s collection’ Do leave me your comments!

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