Green Tea And Neem To Fight Spots


Is your skin way too oily and acne prone? Worry not! There seems to be an ayurvedic solution. Of course I’m talking about the neem green tea plant mask by my favorite line Suganda. This brand was born out of love by a mother. Yes, a mother who could not use the harsh and chemical prone products for her newborn child started it. Now this brand services a wide range of handmade soaps to lotions and creams.

Packaging: it’s a round tub again with a tight lid so as to make sure its contents remain intact.

Price: this product is available on their own website for INR 900/- for 60 grams. While on fab bag its just INR 750/-.

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This neem mask infused with green tea works wonders on oily and acne prone skin. Undoubtedly neem leaves are the most complex ones on this planet, and their medical, cleansing, purifying and healing properties helps your skin rejuvenate and gain spa like experience with all the anti-oxidants that the green tea extracts on your skin. This product also contains granules of rice, which undoubtedly helps in brightening, and can be used as a scrub as well to remove oil and dirt. All you need to do is add some water or rose water to make it like paste. Then apply it evenly and wait for few minutes until it is a little dry. Rinse with water and do not forget to apply moisturizer.

But, this mask is not recommended for sensitive and dry skin. It’ll leave them even more dry and parched. And I’m not happy with the packaging as well. You’re bound to spill the contents while trying to open the jar. Kinda unhygienic to use it since you’ll have to use a spoon or hands. And yeah! needs preparation every time you use it.


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  1. I have sensitive skin but still his mask has not irritated my skin at all..loved the review and I use it as a mask-scrub 🙂

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