The Wrogn way to Vegas


So what is the best cure for a hangover? Coffee you say… or Orange Juice ..Hmm.. Aspirin maybe? Wondering why I’m giving you tips on Hangover? Well.. you never know, it could come handy when you are busy spending a weekend at Las Vegas. LAS VEGAS.. Yes, you and your 3 friends can win a weekend trip and get hungover at Las Vegas. Here’s how simple it is, enter the Wrogn auditions and Stand a chance to win! Isn’t that cool enough already!! But what’s the catch you ask? Nothing really, answer a few of Virat Kohli’s Questions that’s all.

Stay Wrogn Campaign Auditions, Win a Las Vegas Trip by Wrogn

Visit – answer a few of Virat’s questions and then submit your entry. Make sure you are true to yourself while answering his questions; a bit of logic, an eye for detail, a loving heart too is all you need to get through; Virat will not like it otherwise, only the best man wins you see. Don’t forget that there is a timer ticking away for each question. If you lose there are ways to re-enter, so don’t worry just give it a try.

Stay Wrogn Campaign Auditions, Win a Las Vegas Trip by Wrogn

WROGN (pronounced wrong), launched in October 2014, is a fashion brand for the youth, inspired by Virat Kohli’s distinctive sense of style and the enormous youth appeal of cricketing genius, Virat Kohli. WROGN is an extension of his bold and dynamic personality which is expressed in each piece of clothing. WROGN is targeted towards open minded and progressive young men, who like to make their own choices in life.

So keep those cures for your hangover handy ‘coz you are going to need them. Enter the Wrogn Auditions today and you stand a chance to win a trip of your dreams to Las Vegas  with your three friends, but remember only the Best man can win. Do leave me your comments on this campaign here or reach me on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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31 Replies to “The Wrogn way to Vegas”

  1. thanks for the lovely comment, your blog is really pretty 🙂 totally like the dresses you are wearing. haha yes, thats my name and maaaaybe i will put some posts up with traditional clothing 😉

  2. I’m so jealous! I’d love to visit vegas. Hangovers are doom, though. Orange juice and salty crisps always help 🙂

    Corinne x

  3. wow, what a contest! good luck to all those participating! btw, is milk a good cure for hangover too?

  4. surely a vegas trip is the dream! but the hangover, well i’ll probably prefer to stay out! ha ha..

  5. what a great contest! i wouldnt mind going to las vegas haha

  6. Would love to visit Vegas soon but my days of dealing with hangovers are sooooo over 🙂 great promo though!

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