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Monsoon Essentials stylish sporty shoes, Leopard print shoes, Indian Street style fashion blog styleapastiche

What was considered to be part of a sportsman’s wardrobe, is now being accepted by the fashion fraternity with open arms; what was considered a sloppy fashion is now a darling trend. For the last 4 seasons ‘Sports Luxe’ has found it’s way into the Chic Fashionista’s wardrobe, calling it the – ‘Sporty Chic’ Trend. They have adorned it with dressy gowns, leather skirts, statement necklaces even delicate lace dresses; embracing it like never before. The quintessential comfortable sporty sneakers which were then shunned by the fashionable ones, have now somehow caught the eye of the stylish cats.

I have always been the sporty kind and can never shun this look come what may. But as time passed, I have found stylish ways of dawning the sporty chic look. And this season the sports luxe trend is at it’s best. So here are few of my favourite sporty footwear that are part of my casual wear wardrobe:

1) The Ankle Length Lace-ups : 

They do look sporty and stylish at the same time, it’s perfect for an outing at a Hill Station or a cold night out camping.

Monsoon Essentials stylish sporty shoes, Indian Street style fashion blog styleapastiche

2) Sporty Sandals with Animal Prints:

This one is for dressier occasions, with animal prints and a dash of metallic; wear it with a dress and you’d still look appropriate for a party.

Monsoon Essentials stylish sporty sandals, Indian Street style fashion blog styleapastiche

3) Leopard Print Casual Shoes:

This is my favourite of the lot, obviously it has to be the one with the leopard prints; adds the necessary drama to your sporty look. What more you ask, with these kicks on it’s like walking on wonder bread plus these are planet friendly i.e. recyclable too. Now that’s awesome!!

Monsoon Essentials stylish sporty shoes, Leopard print shoes, Indian Street style fashion blog styleapastiche

Monsoon Essentials stylish sporty shoes, Leopard print shoes, Indian Street style fashion blog styleapastiche

Well!! With these picks anyone can add that sporty element to their casual wardrobe and look sporty chic. Do you like the sporty trend? If so which sporty footwear appeals to you the most ? Do leave me your comments here or reach me on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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59 Replies to “Sporty Kicks”

  1. I am quite the fan of this Sport Luxe trend! Given that I have recently moved to NYC, heels of ANY sort are just a no-go. Trendy, cute flats are all the rage and these look great for running around the streets of New York. Great inspiration thank you 🙂


  2. i love sporty chic look.I can not get away from it either..The last pair is my fav of all..I have a similar pair

  3. Such a fun trend! Love how sporty footwear can change up a look.

    Amy Ann

  4. Loving the red ankle length lace ups. The colour is so bright that it will pep up any outfit easily.

  5. I love the leopard ones! The sandals are super cute too. Maybe I just love animal prints too much, haha. I’d totally wear both nearly everyday!”Pegasus” is so pretty! I love the nude shades too though, definitely something I’d wear everyday.

    1. Sorry, that last part was an accidental paste from some other comment. Haha

  6. Id go for 2 & 3. They are comfort shoes to moms like me. Can’t say no to leopards as well.

  7. I like skirts and dresses better generally, so I prefer for 2.. it’s stylish yet comfy sandals (lots of walking). 😉

  8. Lovely pairs of shoes and the design is looking quite trendy and easily can go with any of the outfit.

  9. i love high cut sneakers too, but it doesn’t suit me for i have really fat calves and my ‘ankle’ (the skinny part of the calf as it joins to our foot) is non-existence. wearing high cut just makes my elephant legs even more stubby.

  10. I love the sandals and the vans, both are cute and bold! Really pretty shoes =)

  11. Nice shoes, really nice collection of shoes and footwear. Thanks a lot for sharing this post!

    Do check out our latest posts on our websites!

  12. How cool are your vans? I’m actually in love with them. I’ve never seen this style of vans and I do love the print.

  13. aww that red sneaker is breathtaking! I want it in my life… would you mind me asking where did you get it from?

  14. I do like the sporty trend. In Korea they are always wearing tennis shoes with dressy clothes! I thought it was kind of weird at first then I got used to it. Those metallic shoes are awesome!

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