Soooo Sareee!!

I love what Saree does to a woman’s look and any woman can carry it off, if draped perfectly! It hugs at the right places, hides your flaws, accentuates your curves and makes you look glamourous in minutes. We all saw Aishwarya Rai at the Cannes 2013 adorned in a Golden Saree. Its time that we introduce this Indian Ethnicwear to the World.
In this post I’ve styled my S-I-L in a saree.. Doesn’t she look Fab!!  This Silk Chiffon Saree has a modern twist to it with Polka Dots and the Zari in Gold with a Floral Embroidery, accessorized it with a Yellow Tear Drop Earring and a simple Gold Ring so that all the attention is on the Saree.

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xx Chaicy
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23 Replies to “Soooo Sareee!!”

  1. I love Saree’s … It instantly change your whole personality and give classy touch and you flaunt it lady xoxo

  2. I always wanted to own a saree! Maybe because of all the books I’ve read about India and the Indian culture! I am definitely going to buy one the moment my path leads me to place where they are sold – kinda hard now that I live in Zagreb but you never know… and then the next thing would be to get someone to teach me how to wear it properly! Great post Love from a GiG blogger!!

  3. Your sister-in-law is so beautiful and she’s looking amazing in that saree. My mum can easily open a big shop considering the infinite number of saree she owns. Lol as much as I love wearing sarees,it’s a nightmare to me whenever I have to walk, talk, do chores and sometimes run too. hehe I can’t manage a saree at all. I dread of wardrobe malfunction every moment! 😀

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