Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Skin!


Skin care is not something that is to be taken lightly. Skin care is one among the top priorities for most of us out there. We girls go through hours of our beauty regime, all for a healthy, glowing skin. All the clean ups, layering, masks, moisturizers etc., etc. are all for a naught if we are doing these basic mistakes and neglecting them.

Indian fashion beauty blog styleapastiche, say no to these skincare mistakes avoid them Indian fashion beauty blog styleapastiche, say no to these skincare mistakes avoid them

So girls here are some Skin Care NO NO’s!

  • Taking SPF lightly– We have no idea how much damage the ultraviolet rays are doing to our skin until we experience some woes. When premature ageing seeps in, that’s when you realize the mistakes of ignoring those harsh rays. Give maximum importance to SPF tinted creams and BB creams. Make sure your skin is not exposed to too much rays.
  • Failing to moisturise and nourish them– Religiously follow to moisturize your skin immediately after bath or face wash. Repeat this routine before you hit the sack as well.
  • Do not carry those particles to bed– I’m talking about wearing off your days make up and piled up dirt on skin. Make sure to use cleansers and other make up removing products that suit your skin type. It’ll ensure not to leave behind any traces of make up or dirt.
  • Under eye cream – This is a must if one wakes up with puffy and dark circles around the eyes. You’re not long from getting yourself one of those ugly wrinkles. Hence make sure to apply under eye gels and creams to maintain smooth area around eyes.
  • Scrub too often! – Scrubbing and exfoliating too often is a complete no no. Usually scrubs are a little hard on your skin, only to remove all the dirt and dead skin. So make sure you do not over do them. They strip your skin off and wont give them chance to heal and repair.
  • Not drinking plenty of water – This elixir of life is your skins bFF! Have them around a lot and they will reward you with good skin. What more can I say!
  • Not choosing products your skin type – make sure you understand your skin better. It is very important to know what makes your skin healthier and what does not. Check out for allergies as well. Sometimes the ingredient list may contain those items your allergic to.
  • Diet – It’s all in the diet my dear friends. Eat right and feel right. Allow your skin to breath and make sure you give them all the nutrients they require to glow to glory!!


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  1. agree! SPF is so important all year round! As is water and under eye creams! great tips lovely!

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