Saree Styles To Flaunt This Wedding Season


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With the wedding season already upon us, we all know how crazy it’s going to be. You probably have parties to attend and weddings to rock, all of which require you to dress for the occasion. The answer to all your wardrobe problems, this wedding season, is the everlasting jewel of Indian fashion – the saree.

When worn the right way, a saree can accentuate your body to make you look even more elegant and beautiful. Thankfully, modern sarees are the perfect blend of elegance, sensuality, and comfort. There are a number of saree materials to choose from, and each one of them is gorgeous and practical in their own way.

Here are the materials that you could choose from, this season. To make your shopping even easier, you can shop for designer sarees online. Do remember that these sarees can be worn in contemporary ways too, if you are bored of the traditional style.

Look Gorgeous In Georgette

 georgette sarees for Indian wedding season, styleapastiche, how to wear red saree

These lovely sarees are made of highly twisted silk yarn to create a soft and lightweight material. It is the easiest material to drape and can be very expensive. Modern textile designers have created a cheaper but equally alluring alternative called ‘faux georgette’, which might be easier on your bank balance. These sarees feature solid colours and floral or geometric prints, much like the original georgette, and are made of synthetic-blended silk to give it a crepe-like finish.

The Elegance Of Silk

silk sarees for Indian wedding season, styleapastiche, how to wear purple saree

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Silk sarees were once a sign of wealth and are still world famous for their smooth texture and beautiful embroidery. Every Indian woman should own at least one of these treasures as they are timeless and will never go out of style. The grandeur of this choice of saree can help you achieve that traditional and sophisticated look needed for this season. There are, again, a variety of special silk sarees from different parts of India. The most famous of them being from Kancheepuram, Mysore, Bhagalpur, Assam, and Benares.

Charming Chiffon

  1. Synthetic Chiffon

chiffon sarees for Indian wedding season, styleapastiche, how to wear beige saree with embroidery blouse

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2) Silk Chiffon

chiffon sarees for Indian wedding season, styleapastiche, how to wear beige saree with embroidery blouse

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Chiffon, compared to the other styles on this list, is a simple and lightweight material. Chiffon sarees can be made of silk or synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester. Chiffon can be beautiful and when it’s draped it will give you a slimmer appearance, making this perfect for women with pear-shaped bodies. They come in alluring abstract patterns and sport some embellishments, making them suitable evening wear.

Catch The Eye In A Net Saree

Net sarees for Indian wedding season, styleapastiche, how to wear white embroidered net saree

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Net sarees are modern classics with their open weaves, gorgeous embroidery and embellishments. With awesome new ways to wear a saree, they are particularly popular among young women and are known to give women a voluptuous look.  Wear these sarees with a uniquely designed blouse for a glamorous look and you’re set for a fun evening party or a wedding.

Illustrious Velvet

velvet sarees for Indian wedding season, styleapastiche, how to wear plum burgundy saree

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Velvet sarees are becoming quite popular these days and for obvious reasons. This fabric gives the saree a gorgeous finish and, when worn, are guaranteed to look aristocratic. Complete the royal facade with some crystal embellishments and you can wear this saree to the most elite parties and weddings. So which one of these saree styles would you dawn this wedding season. Leave me your comments here.


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  2. enjoyed so much this post, babe, all those gowns inspired by the sari are spectacular, would love to try something like this

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    These saris are so beautiful…. I really love the chiffon version with bright blue top and pale sari. It looks so modern and classy. An Indian friend gave me a sari years ago, and I never know how to wear it properly.


  4. Saree is the first choice for women in wedding function. It can be drape variety of ways. Here in this post you can see different types of sarees display in images. Thank you for sharing.

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