Its NYN not NYX : Romwe Makeup Haul


Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

On a normal work day you’d find me running around with hardly any makeup (as in just moisturiser, kajal and lip balm; no lipstick, no eye make-up, not even a BB cream) ‘coz I’m not really a make-up person. But then, I do own all those basic components like a BB, a foundation (cream and powder), a contour highlight and a blusher palette for those “Dressy days” …!!  😉 M.A.C. and NYX happen to be my favourite brands (now cometh the twist!!).

Just last month Romwe launched a makeup brand NYN!!! (Not sure if it’s their signature brand for Make-up) Sounds much like NYX doesn’t it?? I initially thought this was NYX ‘coz the font and branding looks very similar (I can say exactly the same). Therefore was shocked at the price it was available at. Upon further scrutiny I found that this was NYN. (Much to my disappointment!!) But then, I was tempted to try out the products ‘coz they were available at a throw-away price. So I bought the NYN Matte Foundation Powder & NYN – Contour ‘n Highlight Palette.

Well here’s a comparison, between the NYX Matte Powder Foundation that I already had and the NYN that came in yesterday. I’m sure you’d understand my confusion.

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

To my surprise the caption on the ‘Matte Powder Foundation’ also read the same as on NYN !!!

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

Though the product looks good, the question is “Will Generic make-up brands like these beat the branded ones?” We’ll find out soon in my next post.

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

Here’s me Signing off with a question for you:

“Have you come across such really good copies of Makeup Brands? If so have you tried them?”

Leave me your comments. 🙂


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P.S. : Review of the Products here


42 Replies to “Its NYN not NYX : Romwe Makeup Haul”

  1. Wow, I can’t get over similar these look! I have experimented with many brands,, i use no foundation, and tend to stay with Stila and Tart for lips. and try to buy brands that a re cruetly free. Great post!
    XX, Elle

  2. oh wow, NYN ?? i just heard about that product, the packaging looks like NYX, maybe they wanna copycat NYX? I will waiting your next review about this product 🙂

    1. Hello Ehara,

      The review post is up 🙂 Thanks for the wait 🙂

  3. really resemble NYX! seems like the resemblance is intentional? please do a comparison post soon!!!!

  4. This is definitely nothing less than a copy of NYX. They didn’t even bother changing the font, layout, etc. Haha. I wonder if they can get sued for it?

  5. I’ve never tried NYN before.. This is a new brand for me.. NYN package is same as NYX. May be I prefer NYX (???)

  6. omg so jealoussss! I’m a big fans of NYX and now they have NYN? LOL can’t wait for your review

  7. i never knew romwe sold make up. oo intrigued as to how this goes. but I’m careful when buying copies as i don’t want to ruin my skin

  8. NYN products look very similar to NYX. If you hadn’t mentioned it in the beginning of the post, I would have never realized. Lovely haul though 🙂 GIG

  9. Ive never heard of NYN before only NYX. I can’t believe they can get away with it. It couldn’t look anymore like NYX if they tried haha.

  10. i find MUA,NYX,sleek, bh cosmetic,essence are all pretty affordables and they all produce great stuff!!

  11. I’m a Romwe affiliate and didn’t even know about this line! I don’t generally use copies, as I’m such a supporter of the original product!

    Gig Love!

  12. wow! I have heard of NYX but not NYN! Good to hear from u this brand existed! Will keep an eye to test them out the next time I see them. Looking forward to your review after using them. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  13. oops! Just found your review on this! So sad to hear they are not working really good. I guess some copied items are not as good quality as the original ones as we pay price for the quality.

  14. Wow, very surprised to see this! It looks like a real copy of NYX, even the logo. I haven’t used any product as a copy of an original brand as I am always wary of its quality.

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