Beautiful Day



Ever wanted a fragrance that smells like a beautiful day? This fragrance from Bath and Body Works literally translates to that. It smells like that perfect sun-kissed Spring day with sweet floral smells and a citrus bite. A perfect blend of green apple, wild daisies and fresh pink peonies & nothing less. If you do love citrusy fragrances, then this one is for you. Since its a mist and is very light, it makes it perfect for a day to day use. It also is cruelty free so are all other products by Bath and Body Works.

Details of the Fragrance:

  • Top Notes: Sun-kissed Apple, Dewy Pear, Sparkling Cassis
  • Mid Notes: Wild Daisies, Lily of the Valley, Fresh Pink Peony
  • Dry Notes: White Peach, Blonde Woods

My Observations:

  • A Snappy summer fragrance with citrus and floral notes.
  • Fragrance stays for 5-6 hours.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Skin friendly, does not sting.
  • Does not stain your clothes.
  • 236 ml blottle might last me atleast 2 months if I do use it on a daily basis
  • We still can’t find this in India, I have to ask my cousins to ship this from US.



Do try this fragrance, if you do love a blend of Citrus and floral notes. If you already use this fragrance by Bath and Body works, leave me your comments here or you can reach me on Facebookย |ย Twitterย | Instagram | Bloglovinย |


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49 Replies to “Beautiful Day”

  1. I have tried only one product from Bath & body works and i literally became a fan of it./..This mist sounds great and now I really want to explore more products from this brand. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. A fragrance smells like a beautiful day!!!! Who want to miss that??? I have to locate their outlet soon I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. bath and body works fragrances are always so amazing……I haven’t tried this one but the packaging is calling me and asking me to try it….thanks for the review dear….

  4. I love these mists!! This one sure looks tempting for a fresh out of the shower fragrance! Will surely try it.

  5. This sounds good, i sincerely hope that we had it in India. Will try to ask one of my friends in US to send it across to me. -Ramya Blogger (

  6. sounds amazing……..I’m yet to try bath and body works products….lovely review ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. sounds lovely! i’ve never tried anything from bath and body works before but i may get this when i run out of fragrances. the bottle is really pretty!

  8. this sounds lovely! i wish i could get my hands on this brand easily

  9. im a fan of BBW but never tried their fragrance. those jumbo bottle scares me that ill never be able to finish them :p

  10. lovely packaging – so bright and cheerful. It makes me think that fragrance must be fresh and light and inviting.

  11. my my…so tempting…

    am gonna tell my friends in the ‘US of A’ that time to prove their friendship is right here, packed pretty in a bottle…they better send this little thing to me

    Stay GUD dear!

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