Recap of 2016: Favourite Beauty Buys


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It’s that time of the year again, when I take a look back at my favourites through out the year 2016. This post sums up all the best beauty buys of the year 2016. So, here goes the list

1. Sugar Cosmetics: Black with a Bang Lash Mob Limitless Mascara:

A Budget friendly mascara for daily use, that gives you a dark black in one stroke and is also free of paraben and other harmful chemicals. Read more here

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home spa for cracked heel, indian fashion and lifestyle blog styleapastiche, spa ceylon green mint cooling foot scrub foot spa review

2. Spa Ceylon Ayurveda: Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub

This minty foot scrub, grubs away all the dry skin and smooths your feet to get that baby soft skin. The relaxing experience after you put in a rough day, is simply a treat to your worn out feet. Read the full review here.

good Cleanser for oily and combination skin types, Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, Organic Harvest Masseuscious Damage Control Cleanser review

3. Organic Harvest:

I used this cleanser for 30 days and could see a change in my skin, including the smoothness and the supple feeling. I like that his cleanser comes with an exfoliator that does all the job easy. Read more here.

Fragrance Skinn by Titan EDP Nude review, Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, fragrances for women casual day wear

4. SKINN by Titan – Nude Fragrance:

A floral, fruity perfume with lighter notes, makes it wearable during the day. You will only like it, if you are a fan of fruity and floral scents more so a fan of peach and rose. But I like the base note it leaves behind with a whiff of sandalwood and musk.  I do like the jewel cap a lot and the ombre toned bottle too. Read More here.

Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blogger styleapastiche, Khadi Naturals Bath Salts Rose and Geranium Review, Bangalore Fashion Blogger

5. Khadi Naturals Bath Salt: Rose and Geranium

This Khadi bath salt comes with the sweet earthy fragrance of roses and geraniums. It also has additional benefits that treat burns and eczema; is an anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredient as well. Rose can be used with all skin types, by men and women, irrespective of any age. Not to forget that it leave your skin healthy and glowing. Read more here.


6. Avene – Eau Thermale

Eau Thermale Avene is a multi tasking one, with cooling and softening properties that it promises for your skin. It is indeed easy to carry around with a spray nozzle, making it perfect to have in your bag while traveling to beat that sunburn. Read more here.

Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, Zara 92 Champs Elysees EDT perfume Review

7. Zara Nº 92 Champs Elysees EDT Roll on

The Zara EDT Roll on came in a silver outer carton box, inside which is this test tube shaped bottle of 10ml that is light and that can fit in a small box clutch too. With Top notes of Caramel, Vanilla, it is surely one of those classic fragrances. Read more here.

Bangalore Fashion Blogger, Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, TIGI Bed Head Control Freak serum review and swatch

8. TIGI Bedhead Serum

A mild apple scented gel, that is grease-less, thin and light in formula, has these fine shimmer, which when applied gives a good gleam to your hair making it look shiny and healthy while managing it as well. It acts as a thermal protectant, promising easy manageable hair especially to those of you who have a coarse and curly hair as well. It does have a mild apple scent to it.Read More here.

Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, sephora mineral compact foundation powder review swatch and pictures

9. Sephora Compact Foundation Powder:

A light weight, easy to blend powder, with a silky texture when you run your hand on the palette. Comes with a SPF 10 shield and has a puff that can be used both sides depending on the kind of coverage you require. Read more here.

carolina herrera 212 surf edt for women limited edition review, exotic tropical summer fragrances, indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche

10. Carolina Herrera – 212 Surf EDT

The Limited Edition 212 Surf fragrance, from Carolina Herrera, is youthful, refreshing and lighthearted scent, that is a reminiscence of a summer adventure filled with fun and frolic by the sandy beaches, surfing through the tide with your best of friends. Read the full review here.

That was my list, I hope you’ve tried them all. If not then give it a go, do leave me your comments here and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin Pinterest


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