Punk with my heart!

“The popularity of punk rock was, in effect, due to the fact that it made ugliness beautiful” said Malcom McLaren, the movement’s notorious mastermind. Bands like Sex Pistols, Kiss popularised it even more!
Be it the British Vogue or the Indian, there’s a rave about this trend everywhere. Not that Punk was ever dead (Duh!), just that a lot of designers paid a tribute to this age-old, evergreen style this season. 
The Met Gala 2013 also was themed around ‘Punk – Chaos to Couture’.. 
This look is all about being fun and rebellious at the same time! Here’s how you can do it :

Tops, Jackets and Dresses:
Bags and Clutches:
Quirky! If you can pull it off, nothing like it..!
Do it Yourself: 
Give an old T’ or a Shirt or a pair of shorts a new kick, by adding those spikes, studs on their shoulders or Lapels or on the pockets. The best ever DIY tip is to do a Hairband with those spikes and give your boring dress a drama! 
What a faboulous year for Punk! 
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Chaicy and Ashwini 
Style.. A Pastiche!

Source:  Vogue.uk, Getty images, Hollywoodlife.com, fashionmagazine.com

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  1. I’m not really into punk but this post has many great stuff. I like the small details that allure to punk without being to much! 🙂 #GIG

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