Workwear: Offbeat Pumps


Pumps or Court Shoes, in their most classic form, are lightweight, strapless shoes with closed backs. Generally, pumps are cut closer to the toes than the top of the foot and have a seamless front upper. Originally they were called a “pompes”, worn (without a heel) by men and servants in the 1500s, before it became a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. Later on bows and other embellishments, as well as heels were added to pumps, making them more feminine than the flat, plain shoes.

Good that the evolution of pumps led to some pretty amazing shoes we can wear to work, to take the whole work wear outfit up by a notch. Here are a few off beat pumps that could give your work wear a twist: (Hover on the images for details)


Image credits in order –

Beige and silver pointed toe – Image Source: IMAXTREE, Jewelled Pumps- Christian Siriano Colorful Red & Turquoise –, Floral Pumps –, Red studded Pumps –, Leopard prints –, Metallic Pumps –

I do own atleast 5 of these pumps that are part of my workwear wardrobe. Which ones would you prefer wearing to work? You may also leave your comments here:  Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin |




24 Replies to “Workwear: Offbeat Pumps”

  1. I mostly wear ballerinas to work but oh my thesse are beautiful and i would love to include few in my office wardrobe..

  2. These are so cute! It’s so hard to find smaller heels that are comfy for work! x

  3. You know I have a pair of leopard print slip on shoes but I would love to get a pair of leopard print pumps with a chunky heel.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  4. A pair of pumps is definitely a must in any girl’s wardrobe!! 🙂 And I am excited to see which 5 do you own from here! All of them are just so so gorgeous!! 🙂 <3 You should do like a collection kinda post, dear 🙂

  5. Great shoes selection….., thanks for being on my page 🙂

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