Print me Pretty!

I’m loving the trend of Printed Pants and this post is all about it and  how you can put together a look according to your Body type.
Prints can be either Bold and Large or Small and Delicate. Always remember that only Tall women can carry off Bold and Large Prints. Petite and Curvy women like me can carry off the small and delicate ones. Wearing Bold prints will make you look shorter and to some extent plumpier.
There are again a variety of Prints. Here are a couple of them I put together:
1) Graphic Designs
2) Florals
3) Animal Print
4) Military Camouflage
Fashion Faux Pas:
Even Supermodels like Elle Macpherson can get some looks wrong. In this case the Drop Crotch Pant looks horribly wrong. 
Gwen Stefani has a lot of matchy-matchy issues going on in here. She definitely got it all wrong with the Statement Neck Piece and the Bulky wedges as well.
Rihanna on the other hand tried the Camouflage Pants but the fit of the Pant and the Denim Jacket does no justice to her.
It is Very important to remember the below with Printed Pants :
– Choose the right fit
– Choose plain or minimally Printed Tops
– Choose Simple accessories.
– Choose sleeker Shoes or Stilettos.
That’s all for now. Do leave me your Comments.
Style.. A Pastiche! 


8 Replies to “Print me Pretty!”

  1. I want ALL of these pants. I really can’t narrow it down any further – They’re all totally fabulous & necessary for Spring. Shopping time! 🙂

  2. great looks!! i love the pants 😀

    found you on GIG group! showing you some love! ♥ . following your blog via GFC 🙂 hoep you follow me back too

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