Pep it Up!

Peplum, derived from the Greek word ‘Peplos’, in ancient Greece it was a woman’s loose outer tunic or shawl. In today’s world, Peplum would mean a frilly attachment to a Blouse, skirt, dress or a Jacket near the waist, adding a little drama to the garment. This trend was a huge hit during the 1880’s, 1940’s, 1980’s And is back in fashion now.

Peplum suits best for the straight body type giving the person some volume around the waist area making them look Curvy. Having said that, curvy women can also pull this look by choosing a Peplum with less Flair.

 Here’s how you can incorporate Peplum in your wardrobe:

Peplum Blouse/Top
1. With Trousers
  2. With Shorts

   3. With Skirts

Peplum Skirts
Peplum Dresses
1. Cocktail length 
2. Maxi’s &Gowns
Here are a few Pep picks that are very Edgy. If you can Pull these off.. Nothing like it !! 

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