NYN Romwe Makeup – Review


Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

Previously I had shared with you the makeup items I picked up from Romwe. Here’s the ‘Haul Post‘ for more details.

Product Specifications:

NYN Matte Nude Powder Foundation bought it from ROMWE.com

Ingredients according to the website: Silicone Oil
Quantity: 0.42fl.oz/12g

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

 Perforated bottom for Storage of the Puff

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

Microfibre Sponge Puff:

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

NYN – Contour ‘n Highlight Palette:

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN, NYN Contour Makeup, Contour Makeup


Foundation In natural Light

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

Foundation LED Light:

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

Contour Make-up Swatch in normal light and camera flashlight:

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN, NYN Contour Makeup

Trial on me:

Like I said before my skin type is Normal one, I have used products like NYX, M.A.C., Maybelline, Lakme, Revlon and the likes. Moving on to the trial I chose 3 different light settings:

1) LED Bulb Light

2) Camera Flash Light

3) Sunlight

Before: Foundation

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

After Foundation:

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

After Contour Make-up:

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN


  1. That microfibre sponge puff was spot on!
  2. Hassle free. I like powder foundation ‘coz it’s easier for me to blend them and they spread evenly without any hassle. It doesn’t leave behind patches.
  3. Packaging is flawless almost looks like the real NYX product, even the puff has the same quality as in the real NYX Powder.
  1. I wish the Perforated bottom was on top of the powder ‘coz this way the leftovers on the Puff would just fall back on the powder palette instead of falling on my dressing table !! Duh !! Doesn’t that make more sense?
  2. After about an hour of use my skin was irritated, as in it got itchy and felt better after I washed it off my face. Not sure if it was my skin that reacted badly or if it was because the product had harsh chemicals!! Although I have never faced an issue while using M.A.C. or NYX or Maybelline products.
  3. NYX in India costs about Rs. 1200/- on amazon.in (I knoww a li’l pricey for a so called budget make-up) and is not available anywhere else. This variant a.k.a. NYN from Romwe.com costs about $10 i.e. about Rs. 600/-. But for the damage it caused, I’d rather buy a branded one or a drugstore brand than NYN.
  4. Both the products’ swatches lasted 2 hours when I did a swatch test on my hand. So not really as effective as I thought.
  5. The tints on the contour make up were rather too light I felt. I put on the contour shade at least 7 to 8 times, but the results aren’t as evident as I thought it would be.
  6. All beauty products are supposed to carry the ingredients list on the packaging, but this one had a sticker exactly where the ingredients were supposed to be listed. Tried to rip it off but was of no use.

Romwe Makeup, NYN powder foundation, NYX Vs. NYN

Rating: 2 Stars out of 5



Although the products did show result in the first instant, I was disappointed to see the allergic reaction within an hour. Much to my dismay, I had to wash it off which left me wondering if it was just a cheap knock-off. So hereby recommending y’all not to even consider it. I’d rather buy a drugstore brand than this one.


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28 Replies to “NYN Romwe Makeup – Review”

  1. Ohh bad that it doesn’t suit much to ur skin..but u r looking pretty ..
    Great review dear

  2. Sorry this didn’t work for you. I myself had a bad experiencing buying a knock off myself (not saying yours is). Thanks for sharing your honest review.

    Kreyola Jounerys

  3. The tints are definitely light, babe :/ It’ such a waste because you’re so so gorgeous!!!! </3 I will definitely be giving it a miss…NYN is always a hit or a miss for me kinda-product! :/


  4. Wow, I’m really sorry to hear that your skin reacted to this… Perhaps it was a knock-off after all? Best of luck with the skin-healing; it’s never nice when a product we spent good money on (no matter how much) turns out to be a dud. ><

    Good luck next time! GIG Love!

    xoxo Rin
    ♠ fuurin-diary.blogspot.com

  5. Awww… The color look so sweet. Too bad to know that it is not as sweet as its color does. =( giglove

  6. Thanks for sharing, will think twice before using this one……. i would read more of ur reviews since you’re very honest about it 🙂 GigLOve

  7. Shame that you had to wash it off. Got to b careful with heap knock offs

    1. No .. there’s not much of a difference in the price!! Its probably 30% cheaper!!

  8. that’s terrible! I hate allergic products and I’m happy you wrote about it because it seemed a good product.

  9. Loving your blog layout btw! pretty bummed that the product didn’t work for you but i’m so glad you gave your honest opinion! GIG love

  10. Thank you for this informative review. It is indeed scary to use copy of original makeup. It is just so that you washed your face after the first sign of irritation!

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