Nioxin: Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair


Wella Nioxin scalp renew therapy review, bodycraft saloon

Nioxin #1 selling salon brand for thicker fuller looking hair now in India

Hair thinning is a topic that few people feel comfortable discussing, making it even harder to address although it’s one of the most common occurrence around the World. Thinning hair occurs along a spectrum that ranges from barely noticeable thinning to significant thinning/hair loss, and individuals experience a wide range of emotions depending on where they fall within the spectrum.

To address this concern, P&G Salon Professional introduced a unique brand- NIOXIN, no. 1 selling salon brand for thicker fuller looking hair. Now for the first time, men and women in India can also be able to experience NIOXIN’s advanced products.

Thinning Hair = A Poor Scalp Environment + Fewer Hair Strands + Finer Hair Strands

A close look at hair biology reveals three areas that can impact hair appearance and condition:

  • Scalp and hair environment- Derma
  • Hair growth cycles – Density
  • The change of hair structure over time- Diameter

NIOXIN then approached the formulation of its products by linking the three components of thinning hair to these factors, and then formulating real science-based solutions with its 3 Therapies

  • Derma renew service (Facial for scalp): cleansing hair and scalp to remove sebum and residues,
  • Density protect: conditioning and protecting hair to help reduce hair loss due to breakage,
  • Density repair: by thickening each hair strand

Wella Nioxin scalp renew therapy review, bodycraft saloon

Dr.Jaishree Sharad, Dermat Nioxin Panel adds, “Our scalp is an extension of facial skin & Nioxin has come up with this advance Hair care approach similar to skin care. The three-part system comprises of a cleanser, scalp therapy and treatment which are formulated with custom-tailored technologies and ingredients that address each of the areas of hair biology in different combinations. The results are truly customized answers that help men and women effectively achieve the appearance of thicker and fuller-looking, thriving hair”


NIOXIN’s systems of products and treatments have been shown to effectively address thin-looking hair. In fact, 70% of users noticed their hair looked more thick and dense after just 4 weeks. And, clinical testing shows that the NIOXIN Density Restoration Treatment is so effective it helps reduce hair fall by an average of 54%. Also, 70% of consumers who used Nioxin once never switch to any other brand.

My Experience & Insights:

I got to try out this product and the therapy at BODY CRAFT, Bangalore. My Hair Stylist Tenzin, was very thorough enough to ascertain the amount of thinning and accordingly treat the problem. I was glad to see a drastic change in my hair post this therapy and I’m sure to visit them for a second treatment next month. You must try out this therapy if you have issues with thinning and limp hair.

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  1. Wow!! Sounds like a lovely therapy for limp hair! I’d surely want to get this one done.

  2. Nioxin, is marketed by Wella in India right? I have heard raving reviews from Bloggers off late. Will surely try it out.

  3. Loving the whole after feel of the treatment you described! Would surely try it !

  4. Ooooh!! I do have Limp hair and this sounds like a great treatment to go for!!

  5. I have indeed visited Bodycraft and have seen this product as well! Din’t try it but now I think I should

  6. Ohhh! Nice !! I’d love to try this treatment for my hair seems worth it.

  7. Hmm… It sure sounds like you had a knowledgeable Hair Stylist who was able to recommend treatments that suit your hair.

  8. Glad this therapy worked for your hair 🙂 waiting for your next article post second treatment!

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