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Do you remember how shopping used to be an activity back then? As a kid, I would wait for those Sunday Flea Markets; colorful sights of decoration, the latest in the accessories: bangles, necklaces, bags and the sorts; this was the early 90s to be specific. When I was in College Shopping Malls were all the rage, with their fancy Window Displays and Luxurious options to splurge on. Also, the varieties of cuisines at the Food Courts to savor, was all the more reason to spend a whole day at a Shopping Mall away from heat of the streets.

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With the introduction of Internet, came the Online Shopping Revolution. Circa 2000 is when India witnessed this, but only gained popularity during 2006-07. This is when I started working and hardly found time to visit the malls. With late work hours and traffic jams, Bangalore had become even more crowded; commuting to malls and finding a parking spot was an impossible task (and it still is). A Good enough reason for me to get hooked to the Online Shopping portals that had slowly started to make their mark in Tier I & Tier II Cities of India. I’d spend hours together during weekends shopping for the latest trends (although my credit card bills doubled every month, I wouldn’t give up the pursuit for best deals).

Indeed, I was an early adopter to this trend, which my friends still find it strange to get used-to. A lot of people in India (my family & friends included) still feel that, involving their senses of sight & touch, along with the skill to bargain with the vendor is an “add-on” to the whole Retail Therapy Session and is something that completes the whole experience. They also feel that, they couldn’t trust the online retailers with the quality of the products and are skeptical of what needs to be done if they receive a wrong product. I’ve had my fair share of such experiences too, but I’d still not give up. The idea of sitting at home and being able to shop deals and get your product delivered to your door step, is a luxury that I’ve gotten used to. More so with the 30 day exchange policy, I do not have to worry about the product quality or fittings.

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With Myntra’s paradigm shift from e-commerce website to e-commerce mobile application, I can shop from anywhere. I mean, Now I don’t have to wait to get home to have access to my laptop just to be able to shop. Although, I must confess that when at work I simply sneak into the washroom to shop from my ever so addictive Myntra mobile app.

Jokes apart, with the mobile shopping app the idea of personal shopping never sounded better. Imagine the amount of time/fuel you save on the innumerable trips to the malls to buy or exchange or even check out the sales… on that note can you even keep track of sales anymore? In this case the app does everything for you; it sends a notification when there is a sale and once you book your product tracking details are also available, you are sure to receive the products within 24 to 48 hours, how convenient is that?!!

Technology has made our lives so easy. While Einstein had concerns; he predicted that this would lead to reduced human interaction (the evidence to this statement is not found though). But hmmmm.. he would have bitten his lips once he saw the final discounts on his total shopping bill, ranging between 30% to 60%.

Myntra mobile shopping app, the era of mobile shopping

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21 Replies to “Mobile shoppers – A New Era!”

  1. Sounds like a cool app. It really is amazing how simply technology has made shopping. Literally the click of a button away. xo, Amanda

  2. I totally agree with you…its becoming an App-Only World. And yet, except for some stuff like books or some basics, I can’t shop via apps or online. I’m one of those who needs the tactile stimulation. And I’m fussy about the fit too 😉

  3. I think its crazy how far technology has come! I still enjoy going out and shopping, hunting for all the great deals. But online shopping to so easy and convent. I use EBates when I shop online and get a percentage of my purchase back in cash. With incentives like this, I usually shop more online!

    Kayla || The Little Lady

  4. a lot of stores have apps now and websites are made responsive to suit mobile phones

  5. This is sure a convenience app to shop! Even when I don’t have the time to go to the mall, online shopping is a great choice! =)

    1. They Ship in ‘India’ Only for now !!

  6. I love being able to shop on my phone! People do get on my case about not really wanting to go out to shop any more, but sometimes I just hate going to a crowded mall.

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