Metal Studded Denim Jacket


IMG-20140621-WA0014 Here’s how you can turn a simple denim jacket into a stylish metal studded number!

This  involves a bit of time, but it does pay off in the end .

I am using this Isaac Mizrahi denim jacket for this project and white metal studs as they match the buttons .You could also use oxidized or gold colored studs for your project .The studs I am using here were sourced by chaicy for me after she found out how much I loved her studded bag DIY post .You will also need a flat tool to fasten the studs onto the fabric. IMG-20140611-WA0003 IMG-20140611-WA0018

First you will need to identify the parts of the jacket that the studs will go on. Then lay out the studs on the jacket so you can see make sure how you want it to look .

Then separate the lining and the top denim material .The sharp teeth of the stud will be neatly concealed on the inside . DSCN3280

Now insert the studs one by one and fasten them on the backside of the fabric using a flat tool .

Finish the pattern you have in mind using the same method throughout .

Here’s how one half of my jacket looks after the embellishment. DSCN3279

Once you complete adding the studs ,make sure you stitch up the layers of denim and the lining using either hand stitch /sewing machine.  IMG-20140621-WA0005

And now flaunt it and ooze attitude ! Do leave me your comments. Find me on Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Lookbook | StylePile | Chictopia | Wooplr | Pinterest Priee Signature (2)



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  1. This is really lovely. I like how it turned out, so cool :)) Thanks for stopping by, do come again. Wish you a great week 🙂 xx Kizzy.

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