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Nautical Vibe

Did you know that the ‘Bow Tie’ has it’s origins from the ‘Croatian Mercenaries’ dated way back to the 17th Century? These mercenaries would use a scarf around their neck under the collar to hold together the opening of their shirts.

The Cravat

This was then adopted by the ‘French Elite’ who renamed it as the ‘Cravat’ derived from the word ‘Croat’.The Cravat then evolved into Bow Ties and Neck Ties. Unlike the Bow Ties you get these days the traditional ones came in a fixed length for a specific neck size.

Print on Print is fun indeed! But, mixing prints with traditional accessories such as these bow ties are even more fun and edgy. So I asked one of the most stylish men I know in the Fashion & PR industry in Bangalore to do what he does best 😉

Introducing the Oh Soooo.. Debonaire… Amby, a.k.a. ‘The Boy in the Bow Tie’, who will illustrate how all you men out there can take the Print on Print trend up a notch with these printed Bow Ties fused with printed Shirts.

Click on the picture for a clearer view:

  • 2 ways to fuse the Quirky Bird Print Shirt, one with some Nautical Stripe Bow Tie and the other with some Plaid Prints.
  • Retro print shirt with a textured bow tie with polka dot band.
  • Give that Classic Gingham check shirt a Twist by adding an Animal Print bow Tie.

Coming soon is his blog – Do follow him! 🙂

 Which one do you like the most? Leave me your comments. :)


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20 Replies to “Menswear: Bow Ties and Prints”

  1. I’m in love with that quirky bird print shirt pair up! Love how it it fused with the striped bow tie!! <3

  2. You did a very good job with the print on print pair up! The Gingham with animal print caught my eye! And I’ll surely try it out !!

  3. I din’t know Bow-ties evolved from Cravats! Anyway .. those juxtaposing prints have been blended with harmoniously !! Love it all!!

  4. Your style is very refreshing Amby! Love the way you mix prints!

  5. You did justice to those Bow ties!! And I love that bow-tie in quirky animal print! <3

  6. Loving it !! There are very few men who can pull this off!! And you are one of those few!! 🙂

  7. Very few Indian men can pull this off! And you sure did it with all the panache!! <3

  8. Bow-ties are soo classy and I love that you give it an unexpected twist fusing it with prints !!

  9. Love the Classic with a twist one and the way you layered with the cardigan is sooo classic!

  10. Only a few man can pull off the bow tie that rocks.

  11. Chaicy… I’m more into a regular tie than a bow tie but they are a cute and fun accessory when a guy wants to change things up from time to time… ♡ Cute looks here 😉

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