Mens Wear: Trends for Fall 2013

A friend of mine told me about this month long event done worldwide during November to throw some light on Men’s Health issues. This post is a Movember tribute to all the amazing Men around me 🙂

I have been receiving a few requests to focus on Men’s Fashion as well. Before I start off with the Styling segment for Men next month, here’s a warm up post with a list of ‘Trends for Men this Fall/Winter 2013’. Hope I’ve done justice!

1) Tartan/ Plaid:
My Favorite trend, that is very “English” but has been flaunted all across the world. Almost anyone can pull off this look provided you have the elements right.

 2) Hound’s-tooth:

Originated in woven wool cloth of the Scottish Lowlands, but are now used in many other materials. I personally love the blazers and jackets in this material.

Source:, Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant

3) Colour: Burgandy:

Burgandy is the deep red colour that is rich and goes well with neutral colours like beige, gray and Brown also with animal prints be it a day look or an evening one.

4) 3- Piece Suits: 

Ohh.. Yess!! How I love Neal Cafferey in his Suits! The Classics are back and make sure you have a pair that fits you perfectly.

Source: Hogan’s
Here’s a guide to the perfectly fitted suit:

5) Hats and Cropped Pants: 

I do know ‘Beanies’ are in fad, but I’d love to see men in ‘Hats’ the classic ones ;).  There’s an ‘Old-World’ charm to it. So dawn a Hat instead of a Beanie! Oh.. also do fold the seams of your formal Skinny Trousers to look dashing 🙂

So what’s your favorite trend in Men’s Fashion this Fall 2013? Do Share!
Boyfriend Woolen Coat
The origin of boyfriend fashion is literally borrowing and wearing a boyfriend’s clothes – his distressed jeans, his band tees, his dress shirts, his blazers, his cardigan. 
When Katie Holmes was spotted in public wearing Tom Cruise‘s slouchy jeans after a Broadway rehearsal in 2009, boyfriend style became more and more popular. And with winter knocking on the door, boyfriend coats seem to be the best choice.
Today I wanna recommend one style which comes from Romwe that I love so much, the black leather and woolen coat. With quilted, zipped, mao collar design, this coat makes me feel warm.
NCSOV0266 (8).jpg
What’s more, I heard a piece of good news from Romwe. On 18th November (starting from1:00 pm on Nov.17th GMT, only 24 hrs ), this coat will be at the price of $36.99, with original price $109.99. Maybe in  limited supply, first come first serve. Only 24 hours!
Check this link:
Even buy it at $6.99 or win free:
They are offering cash coupon since 11.14th, up to $30, it means you’d get this coat at $6.99 on Nov.18th and one of you will get it for free!!!

20 Replies to “Mens Wear: Trends for Fall 2013”

  1. Love all the suggestions!! My favourite its the 3 piece suits for sure, so elegant and sexy at the same time! ^^

  2. Men (well maybe not all men) in 3 piece suit are definitely sexy! *-* Cropped pants looks good in really tall guys, I think. and omg plaid! I love plaid. *-*

  3. Love men’s wear style…The short pants seem to be a must, but you really need the right physique in my opinion. Congratulation for the choice of models too. All the outfit you chose are very stylish and I would even wear myself.

  4. I’m loving the first outfit picture. If I see a guy wearing that I think I would just drool on the spot! I love a man with an eye for fashion. GIG

  5. Man in 3 pieces and my heart skips a beat 😉 Love all of the styles but my favorite is 3 piece suit. xx

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