Lakme Fashion Week S/R 2014 – Karishma Jamwal’s Egyptian and Persian art Collection



Mumbai,March 2014: Mumbai based designer Karishma Jamwal presented Egyptian and Persian art as a special summer collection at the prestigious Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2014 on day 3. Trendy, comfortable drapes are the ‘just in’ fashion statement outfits this year. A staunch art lover, Karishma Jamwal ensures to have artistic feel to every collection she ever makes.

IMG_3645Designer Karishma Jamwal’s collection was inspired by the royal and antique of the Egyptian and Persian designs, her collection mainly comprises of elegant and stylish stitched draped dresses. Blended with bright colors like yellow and orange & soothing ones like beige, off-white and hues of blue, her collection gives a fresh and relaxing feel for the upcoming summer. Old coins of 10 paisa and ancient keys are used for ornamentation and embellishment of the fabric silhouette. The kitsch print with the eye-soothing color combination is just the desirable treat to eyes and a luxurious style statement for the body.


The summer collection is a flawless blend of draped trousers, jackets and dresses. The seamless drapery is neatly made of flowy and light weight chiffon and silk fabric. Beautifully macramade or knitted georgette outfits make the apparels perfectly contemporary with impeccable rich ancient look.


Talking about her themed collection Designer Karishma Jamwal says, “I have always been very fond of classic Egyptian art culture. The pyramids and deserts in Egypt exhibit the magnificent art. When blended with the Persian art, it just looks dazzling. The kitschy and bohemian look with the comfort of draped dresses would be the perfect summer mantra this year.”


With LFW’s Summer Resort 2014, Karishma Jamwal completed her 3rd season. Last season, she showcased her collection named ‘Between Smudged Lines’. Themed urban, it had stunning graffiti, old Indian watercolours and geometric patterns all fused into a vibrant and earthy gamut of colours.

About Karishma Jamwal

 Having completed her fashion designing course from SNDT Polytechnic College in Mumbai,Karishma Jamwal worked with Sheetal Design Studio for a long time. She acquired the proficiency in fashion designing by working with popular designers like Aki Narula and Hemant Trivedi. In 2010, the young budding designer started her own design studio branded as Lotus Sutr in Mumbai. The title literally means one of the most popular sutras under Buddhism. But she believes that fashion is the highest sutra of passion for her. It is a conduit for manifesting her myriad thoughts.

Karishma Jamwal is a devoted art admirer and for her, Lotus Sutr is her journey of art through fabric.

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