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Winter is coming! Its high time we stock our shelves with skin and hair care products. I’m here to review one such product I’m stocking my shelf with. It’s the Khadi natural protein hair cream, Khadi is one such brand that makes paraben and sulphate free products that work really well on Indian skin. Okay back to the review:

Price: This product is available on the Khadi Natural website for INR 210. Check several other websites to avail discounts this season.

Packaging: It’s a sturdy and long lasting plastic container with a screw cap.

Key Ingredients: Almond Oil, Wheatgerm oil, Amla, Shikakai, Bhringraj and Brahmi extracts, Soya Protein


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What I like and don’t like about this product?

This protein hair cream is suitable for all types of hair, but mostly beneficial for normal to dry hair. I bought this hair cream to tame my frizz. The hair cream is just the thing for dry winter hair. It acts as a substitute for oil when you don’t have the time or patience. They provide tremendous results. I can feel my hair all soft and nourished. It is white in color and the texture is not too watery or too thick, its perfect to apply and it spreads easily. Gentle massage before shower, or some prefer to apply after as well, is all I need for a good hair day. They not only strengthen but also promote hair growth. It can be used on color treated hair as well. The fragrance is sweet and relaxing, I can smell hints of lavender in it.

The happiness is short lived. Even though the product is amazing it will only last a day or two. Since the hair cream is rich and nourishing it leaves behind traces, which acts as conditioner or softening effect on hair. The process is unhygienic too. First two days it’s the best then the greasiness creeps in. And oh! I forgot to mention that the product is expensive! Its expensive because blink and its over especially since I have long hair, I only use it on my scalp while the narration on the jar says using it all throughout your hair will give you best results. And you’re addicted to use it every time you shampoo. But I’d buy more and more, if this is what it takes to strengthen my hair and keep the frizz at bay. Have you tried the Khadi Naturals Protein Hair Cream yet? Do leave your comments here and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest | Youtube


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5 Replies to “Khadi Naturals Protein Hair Cream”

  1. I do feel your questions about this cream were right… I mean this cream does have it’s own disadvantages so the fear of using it.. I mostly prefer himalaya cream 😝😂
    Thanks for the review I needed it😊😊

  2. Can I just check how do you go about using this product actually? I bought one and based on the instructions,it says we have to use it before and after shampooing but I think I might be doing it wrong. After I shampooed, I massaged the cream onto my scalp and I left it on for 10 minutes before washing it off and I didn’t follow up with a conditioner after that as I thought this cream would act in replacement of a conditioner. My hair was extremely dry after that, I have used this cream the same way about 4 other times and the results were the same. Can you advice if I am doing it right or am I supposed to use it as a leave-on cream after shampooing and not wash it off?

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