We are not from Venus and we do not need to be Policed!!




I was excited that I’d be given a chance to voice my concerns (which are innumerable to begin with) through the “Butt Out” campaign for Jealous 21 and will voice only that which requires more attention than any other. Everyone believes that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”. Instead how about believing that “Everybody is an individual and each individual has unique traits”.

I get very irritated when people stereotype a particular gender i.e., they perceive a gender to act/behave like how the society expects them to. When somebody doesn’t they gang up against the person and police them. I know the topic might be a little too “Feminist” but it’s time we take a stand against ‘People running around policing women’

Gender Policing is a pressing issue and probably one of the main reasons why ‘Violence against women’ have been increasing everyday!

By definition Gender policing means forcing a man to ‘act like a man’ or forcing a woman to ‘act like a woman’. I.e. it deems that it’s OK if a boy or a man is aggressive and outgoing, but the same in a woman is intolerable.


In India girls or women are expected to behave in a certain manner, failing which you would be deemed an outlaw in the society and suddenly its everyone’s business to discipline them. Why not discipline yourselves instead? After all change begins within you! Right?!

Watch this video for more insights on this issue.

India shows an alarming increase in such incidents, where a 13-year analysis of crime data reveals that a little more than 57 rapes were reported every day. This averages over two rapes every hour, every day during the last 13 years. (CHRI)



Most of the rapists were heard saying –

‘she was dressed like that – she was asking for it’… ‘she was out late at night, she needed to be punished’ etc.

These explanations still do not justify the act of violence. Why is it anyone’s business to be running around policing someone else? So for heaven’s sake grow a pair and stop this atrocity. If you can’t help, then at least mind your own business!! Do not help others in such unmanly acts.

We have every right to live the way we want to, dress the way we like and speak our mind, just like others in the society.



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2) http://vimeo.com/102474256

20 Replies to “We are not from Venus and we do not need to be Policed!!”

  1. I absolutely loved this post! I’m a new reader showing some GGILove, and I am so glad that I came across an intelligent blogger that has a very valid point to share. We are all people and don’t need to be categrorised! Good for you for sharing your voice!!

    Yaya ♥ My Dreamality

  2. I just loooved this post girl. Yes you are right. And, another thing is, they want women to compulsorily get married the moment they reach a specific age. Suddenly it becomes everyone’s business (including some women) to ask and advice on the importance of marriage. God i am sick of it.! They need to butt out of other’s businesses! giglove

  3. This is a great campaign and a very good post. I think the general issue is prejudice and I think peoplefind it hard when you dont act like your label and part of that is human nature but we shoukd not let our outlook of the world be ruled by basic stereotypes.

  4. Great post! Im so glad you wrote about it… 🙂


  5. Hands down to you lady for bringing this up and joining this campaign. Very well-written and straight to the point. I wish others would realize to mind their own business.

  6. This is one great campaign and thanks for sharing babe and raising the awareness! 😀

  7. Such a great campaign!! Great post too!! I will support this campaign for sure! =)

  8. great post! ive read the news of rape happening in india over the past few months and how there are people coming together to stop it which is great!

  9. Not much to comment on the campaign as sometimes people can be very aggressive when it comes to some issues. but still glad you wrote about it.

  10. Good for you! It’s so hard to write about such sensitive issues sometimes. But in order for change to happen, you must begin by talking about it!

    xoxo giglove

  11. Wow, such a great post… This topic is pretty sensitive (if not being so sensitive), but I do agree that everyone should appreciate each other in the term of “mind your own business” as long as others not causing harm to ourselves. Well written, girl, well written..

    ~GIG Blogger
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