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No fancy headlines needed for this one, Gentlemen! It’s not a crime to keep yourself prim, now is it?

The cold in Bengaluru can take its toll on all our bodies and mostly for guys like me on the bike. While the temperature dips it’s important to keep your skin hydrated, regardless of being a man or a woman. It’s always important to moisturize but in winter as the cold attacks our face, causing skin to dry up, peel and even crack at times it’s never been more important. Here are my suggestions for all you men out there, to brave the Winter:

On my last visit to London in late 2015, considering the extreme cold weather, I picked up a few necessities for skin care:

  • David Beckham Instinct Sport Hair and Body Wash
  • Bulldog Original Moisturizer
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy (Aloe)
  • Contemporary EDT by Police

Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, Men's grooming products for winter, Winter skin care grooming products for men

 David Beckham Instinct Sport Hair and Body Wash

This was the very first time I was intrigued to choose a David Beckham product considering I was quite close to Beckingham Palace! 😉

The richly scented David Beckham Hair and Body Wash is for men who rely on their instincts to tell them when it’s time to make a move! Use this wash all over to cleanse your skin and remove excess oils from your hair. You’ll step out of the shower looking fresh and ready to face the day. David Beckham Instinct features a blend of orange, Italian bergamot, cardamom, anise and patchouli for a scent that’s both revitalizing and unique.

Cost: £ 4.10 for a 200ml Hair & Body Wash


Bulldog Original Moisturizer

The first step to a proper skin care irrespective of the weather is to know ones own skin type. This is mainly to help you identify suitable products that will and won’t work for your skin. This may take a while but eventually it is imperative to know your skin type. Be it oily, shiny skin to dry or may be somewhere in between or a combination.

This moisturizer for men is natural – free of Paraben, SLS, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and is cruelty free too. Light in texture, so the skin absorbs it quickly while moisturizing you thoroughly without leaving any traces of oil, unlike a few other creams I’ve tried off late. Does all that it promises, sans the strong floral or musk fragrance and feels weightless on my skin, that quenches my skin with moisture after a face wash or shaving * Thank my stars for this *.

Ingredients include 8 essential oils of which – green tea, konjac mannan, green algae and vitamin E help rehydrate the skin. Effective on sun damaged skin, but sad that I’ve to binge buy these during my visit to UK to restock them.

Cost: Ebay sells the same in India at INR 2880/- which otherwise costs me £5.99 for a 100ml tube.


Vaseline Lip Therapy – Aloe

 Don’t Forget the Lips Guys! One of the few things quite as irritating and painful is dry and cracked lips. This is of utmost concern for me on long rides and also within city limits. More so, it’s also worth remembering that if you’re single and hoping for a kiss under the mistletoe you’ll want your lips to be soft, plush and in tip top condition. Hence the most trusted Lip Therapy – Vaseline. It has been my default option since a very long time irrespective of the geography I have been in.

Made with triple-purified Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly, on applying instantly softens and soothes dry lips helping to repair not just coat your lip barrier. This one contains aloe, highly known to calm and soothe dry irritated skin.

Cost: £1.00 for Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Aloe Vera 20g

Contemporary White EDT by Police

Olfactory Family: Woody – Aromatic – Ambery.

Last but not the least, before you head out into the outside world it is essential for a suitable

White, currently a trendy color in fashion and lifestyle, is associated perfectly with a fragrance having a unique allure, at the same time stylish and detached, that is a perfect match for everyday life. A Woody fragrance for men, with top notes of bergamot, juniper and grapefruit; middle notes of clary sage, violet, geranium, jasmine, mint, rosemary and lavender; base notes of tonka bean, musk, oakmoss, cedar and sandalwood. This cologne is a perfect autumnal fragrance. It doesn’t last more than 4 hours in a warmer place like India, while it did last me a good 6 to 7 hours while in London.

Cost: £10.61/50ml and £21.22/100 ml for Contemporary by Police Eau de Toilette

Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, Men's grooming products for winter, Winter skin care grooming products for men

Hope this post sorts out all the woes w.r.t. Men’s Grooming and Skin Care products for Winter. Do leave me your comments as to which ones are your favourite skin care products this season. Also, for instant updates follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin Pinterest

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P.S.: This post was not sponsored by any of the above mentioned brands or it’s franchises’. Either way my review remains unbiased.


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  1. Such a cool post! I loveeee david beckham! i need to recommend these to my husband. Or, just buy them for him 😉 thanks for sharing!

    Xo, Tara

  2. You can’t beat Vaseline for lips. My husband tends to use Kiehl’s products

  3. Thank to sharing this. These are great product, I’ve been trying to get good care of my brother skin. I need to recommend these to my brother.
    Thanks you. 🙂
    Keep sharing good quality article.

  4. If only men in our lives would have the patience to use these. Great compilation, though!

  5. thanks for update this products and do you have more coupons for this products?

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