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For a while now it has been so difficult to find the right earrings in my wardrobe. They are either separated from their pair or are missing the fasteners. Until I found this easy DIY to make Earring organiser / display with just 2 supplies in under 10 minutes. All you’d ever need is Lace fabric or Lace Ribbon and Embroidery Hoops.

Here’s how you can nail this DIY – Earring Organiser/Display

Supplies you will need for this DIY:

  • Scissors
  • Embroider Hoop
  • Lace Fabric or Lace Ribbons


Step 1: Separate the two hoops by loosening the pin at the top


Step 2: Place the smaller hoop under the Lace fabric or lace ribbon you have


Step 3: Place the larger hoop on top of the smaller hoop and the Lace fabric, tighten the pin at the top. You should get a tight stretch from the fabric.


Step 4: Cut all the excess material to give it clean edges


Step 5: Hang it on your wall, so that the tiny gap between the outer hoop and the pin is placed on the nail.  Now display all your ear baubles, so that you have everything on display.



Now didn’t that take just about 10 minutes of your time? Do try this fun DIY to organise your Earrings and have them all displayed, so that the next time around you know what to match with your outfits. Do leave me your comments on how you liked this DIY. Do leave me your comments here or you can reach me on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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17 Replies to “DIY – Earring Organiser”

  1. This was really pretty, lovely Idea and quite easy as well. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Arohii (

  2. Such a clever idea. And so pretty too. I do a little bit of crafting and I did use this versatile embroidery hoop as a stage backdrop once for a cousin’s baptism party.

    I cant seem to paste a link to the FB page. Its Craft Montage on FB.


  3. Loved this DIY. Recently I made a Earings Organizer with a Cardboard sweets box.

  4. My Mom used to do it & I always wanted to try my hand. Now, I am gonna do this very soon. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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