Necklace, Necklines and Face Shapes


The next time you’re having trouble deciding which necklace to wear or buy, consider your face shape and the neckline of your outfit. A lot of us think that necklaces lengths are universal and can be worn with any necklines or face shapes. But, that’s not the whole truth, Here is a quick run through on how you can master the art of wearing necklaces with different necklines without any trouble.

Rectangular & Oblong faces look best in choker and Princess length necklaces whereas, Heart shaped faces are better highlighted by matinee and opera length strands. Opera and Rope lengths suit Round faces better, while any length goes well with an Oval Shaped face.

Face shape isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind while pairing a necklace with, you need to consider necklines of your outfits. Chunky necklaces work best with turtlenecks, whereas deep scoop necklines work great with long or short strands. While, statement pieces work well with Strapless tops, a string of small pearls go well with V-Necks.  Take a look through this necklace guide the next time you’re in a fashion bind and I assure you that you would never have a problem again pairing necklines and necklaces.

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A lot of you had been sending me queries, on which necklace would go well with your face type, and the necklines. So, this post is for you to clarify all those doubts you had on pairing necklaces and necklines that suit your face type. If you do have further queries on this topic do leave them here.


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  1. I never thought about this before and other than choker, I didn’t know the different lengths had names. This is very interesting.

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