How to take perfect selfie with Vivo V5?


I am a selfie fan, but getting it right is the biggest issue. You will catch me browsing through Coco Rocha, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner’s Instagram to assess, as to how their selfies are picture perfect. It is better to take tips from the experts, right? Here are a few things I noticed while at my research:

  • Lighting is everything – Try finding the right light setting so that your skin glows and your hair shines, I suggest standing next to a window or go outdoors.
  • Tilt your head – sideways so that the cheekbone and eyebrow catches the light, making you look bright.
  • Wear a bright Lipstick – to give you the natural pouty face
  • Don’t do the duck face – I’ve seen a lot of times people make a duck face instead of a pout, it’s not cool anymore.
  • Retro filters – look great on a selfie, but pick them wisely.
  • Use a fan – to give movement to your hair and give it that wind swept feeling, but make sure you are standing away from it.
  • Good Front Camera – Without a good front facing camera, all the above tips will fall short, in achieving that perfect selfie. So, pick a phone that has one, to make all the efforts worth your while.

Not many phones have a high resolution front camera these days, but there sure is one in sight. The Vivo V5, which is the first ever phone with a 20 Megapixel front camera for a good moonlight selfie and a 13MP rear camera too. I’m sure that you’d all agree with me when I say that, we use the front cameras in our phones, more often than not, than the rear ones. So, for a flawless moonlit selfie a front camera is a given necessity.

1-Indian-fashion-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-styleapastiche-vivo-v5-moonlight-selfie-smartphone-review 2-Indian-fashion-beauty-lifestyle-blogger-styleapastiche-vivo-v5-moonlight-selfie-smartphone-review

Apart from that, the phone is packed with features like, an octa-core 64-bit processor that speeds up the processing time without giving you lags.  A RAM of 4GB and an internal storage of 32GB that is expandable up to 128GB, packed with a 3000mAH battery to keep you running throughout the day, without having to charge it for a second time. I also love the crown gold outer casing with a sleek look and the fact that all these features are available in a phone, that costs about INR 18,000/-. Have you tried the Vivo V5, the first ever smartphone with a 20 Megapixel front camera yet? If so, do leave your comments here and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest | Youtube


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