How to Keep up your New Year’s Resolutions


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Have you been feeling terribly bad or guilty about yourself lately, because you just realized that, you haven’t worked on any of those resolutions; you promised at the beginning of 2016? Let’s face it! Your list of “promises to yourself,” that you created at the beginning of this year, has already started losing its glam. As always we are left wondering; what’s keeping us from achieving those goals, and why do we fail to keep them for more than a few months? Well, the two important reasons that are keeping you away from making it happen: setting impractical, unrealistic, and even impossible resolutions. Then expect them to magically come true. But, changes don’t happen immediately! And secondly, expecting too many resolutions to be achieved too soon!

If you are looking for effective ways of changing your lifestyle for better; all you need is a little tweak in your list! These are the few tips that will help you achieve your goals this year- in a more realistic way:

Rewrite your resolution list with “achievable goals”

It is important to remember that New Year is a time for us to reflect on our past year’s behavior and promises to make positive lifestyle changes. “Setting small, achievable goals throughout the year can help us reach them.” Write the resolutions you think you can keep, and work in small bits to make it happen, every day.

Change one behavior at a time

 Unhealthy behaviors become our habits over the period of time; so replacing them with healthy ones may require time! Allow yourself, to change and or improve one behavior at-a-time. Go easy on yourself.

Don’t forget to have fun along the way

Remember, if you look at your resolutions as big tasks, you can never move forward! Rather look at those goals as small healthy changes that you would like to include in your daily routine.

Make a list that tells you, “can do,” instead of “should do.”

After you write out your to-do list for the day, ask yourself which tasks you can do, rather than focusing on tasks, that “should be done.” Strike through anything that feels unrealistic or impossible to achieve, and de-clutter your mind!

Indian fashion beauty lifestyle blog styleapastiche, how to keep up your new year resolutions, tips to keep make practical New Year Resolutions

“Keep your resolutions practically simple, and you will always stay committed to them. Give your best to achieve the goals this year!”. Do leave me your comments as to how you achieve your New Year Resolutions and do follow our updates on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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21 Replies to “How to Keep up your New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. I think goals through out the year is better for me than a lot of large goals all at once. I think we always need to be changing but giving ourselves a break xox ♡

  2. I think my life’s agenda is to make a new year resolution & break it in next 10 minutes. After reading your post I guess I would, at least prolong it for some more time :D.

    On a serious note, We all need some motivation to keep up with our resolution to achieve our goals. Great piece.Loved reading it 🙂

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