Are you living the Yogic life?


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Yoga .. the much hyped fitness regime off late, that every celebrity is raving about. We all might be practicing Yoga, but the real question is are we living a Yogic life? Yoga is to bring in balance between the extremes, to ease out stress and bring in joy of living in the moment. Watch time pass slowly, while you ease into life and breathe meaning into it every day. You can’t just wake up one fine day and jump into something like this, it is a gradual change of lifestyle that is required to achieve this lifestyle. It is about enjoying the present, than worrying about the future that matters the most. It is not about being perfect, but about embracing the flaws and finding a way to balance it out.

Ways to living a holistic life:

  1. Be Honest to others and to yourself
  2. Be kind to your body, for it is you who has to live in and with it
  3. Make time for activities that make you feel alive
  4. Make time for people who you love/ who love you and be present there
  5. Live peacefully, consciously avoid harming others to fulfill your greed, irrespective who you love
  6. Always give and never Expect, for expectations are the root cause of sorrow
  7. Ease your mind, body and soul – accept things the way they come

Focusing on the body, mind and spirit’s well being, that is living consciously is what the Yogic lifestyle promotes. Like I said previously Yoga is not a fitness regime but it is a way of Life. Only a very few get this. Do share your comments on the same and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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  1. Agree. Expectations hurt more than anything and certain is the root cause of other worries.

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