Guide to Pick Sunglasses


How to choose sunglasses for your face, pick sunglasses that look good on you, sunglasses shopping guide

How to Pick Sunglasses That Will Look Good on You

Sunglasses are a standard and flexible fashion accessory. Anybody can wear them, and there’s one style for just about every person out there. Even if you simply don’t care about how they look on you and only value shielding your eyes from the sun (like they were originally intended), then you have options as well. No matter what store you go to, there are bound to be some sunglasses on sale.

Keeping that in mind, you generally want to get some sunglasses that will compliment your physical features. There aren’t a lot of things that stand out more, than somebody wearing sunglasses that don’t go with their facial structure. You want to be able to wear them comfortably and confidently, not with the knowledge that people are scoffing at how you look. So if you want to make the leap and get yourself a nice pair of sunglasses, here are some tips to make sure that you pick a nice pair that will look good on you.

How to choose sunglasses for your face, pick sunglasses that look good on you, sunglasses shopping guide

  • Measure your face

According to, the first step to getting any pair of sunglasses is to measure your face. There are a few different areas that you have to measure, so keep track to make sure you get all of the necessary information. First up is to measure from cheekbone to cheekbone; specifically you must place a tape measure directly below your eye, then stretch it to the same location on the other eye. Then you document that number. Next is to measure your jawline. Trace your fingers from the bottoms of your ears to find the beginning of your jawline. Then measure to the other end while following the curve of your jaw. Write that number down too. Then you must measure the length of your face. All you have to do is simply measure from the middle of your hairline and go straight down to your nose and then your chin. Lastly, you must measure the width of your forehead. Place your tape measure from one side of your hairline to the other side, remaining in between your hair and eyebrows.

How to choose sunglasses for your face, pick sunglasses that look good on you, sunglasses shopping guide

  • Determine the shape of your face

Once you have the appropriate measurements for your face, you can then determine mathematically what kind of frames would fit best, but they also help in determining the shape of your face. This is ultimately what sets the kind of sunglasses that will look best on you, so pay close attention. says that there are four different face shapes: heart, round, oval, and square. The heart shape is rounded at the top and has the narrowest point at the jawline. A round face shape is mostly distinguished by the cheeks being the widest points of the face with no defined angles. The oval shape is characterized by having a face that is longer than it is wide. And a square face is known by a powerful jaw and not a very noticeable chin.

  • Accentuate your personality

After you’ve determined your face shape and narrowed down the kinds of sunglasses that would physically look good on you, you have to winnow your search even further by determining what glasses would accentuate your personality. If you’re a calm person, you don’t want to get any cat eye or sports glasses, as they portray an air of pride. If you go with the flow a bit more, you may want to consider getting some aviators. While a lot of choosing the right sunglasses is related to the size and shape of your face, which is not all that it takes. Some of it is also related to your personality as well and how it could help bring light to your mental features on top of your physical ones.

  • They need to last a while

When you get sunglasses, don’t get a pair that has recently come into style or has only been a trend for a few years or so. Odds are that eventually they will go out of style and you’ll be back to the drawing board in no time. states that the best way to avoid this is by getting a pair that has a classic shape. This way, it’ll never really go out of style because it’s a staple of sunglasses. They will never stop being considered “in.”

How to choose sunglasses for your face, pick sunglasses that look good on you, sunglasses shopping guide

Getting sunglasses can be a strenuous task, but ultimately, can be easily accomplished with some good knowledge, and a bit of research. Many stores like Habbana sell a wide variety of sunglasses including some jazzy aviator sunglasses for women, and some sophisticated retro squares for men. Just know what looks good on you on top of what you like, and you’ll be set in just a few days. Then you’ll be more than ready for the summertime. I hope you now know, How to pick the right sunglasses that suit you and are also fad-proof and pocket friendly. Don’t forget to leave in your comments here.




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  1. Great tips! πŸ™‚ I know I prefer classic sunglass styles, I’ve got a pair or Wayfarers I’ve had for a few years now as they always look good! πŸ™‚

  2. I always have such a hard time finding sunglasses good for my face, thanks for that!


  3. This is so helpful! I typically buy sunglasses that don’t fit, so I’ll definitely have to consult this the next time I’m buying a pair.

  4. Good tips. I love a fun pair of sunglasses.

    Amy Ann

  5. Such a wonderful guide and post, Chaicy! It is so very important for us to know our face shapes when selecting the best style of sunglasses because since we’ll be wearing them all the time, at least we should, they need to flatter our face shapes! As much as I love the classic aviators, I can’t wear them because since I have a long face, the narrow and long lenses make my face appear that much more longer. It’s all about finding what looks good on us and sticking with it, while, like you mentioned, expressing our personalities!

    Again, such a great post! I hope you have a wonderful day ahead beauty and thanks so much for sharing!



  6. What a thorough post! It took me a few years of trial and error but I think I have it narrowed down which shapes of sunglasses work best for my face.

  7. I bet most of the population did not have this idea. Thanks for sharing. It gave me some idea how to search for perfect fit rather than trend. πŸ™‚

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