How to get that ‘no makeup look’?


How to wear a brush stroke cape with a dress, spring summer 2016 fashion trends in India, Indian fashion beauty blog styleapasticheNatural beauty is always admired and so is the “no makeup look”! We all love that flawless look, especially the one worn by our favorite celebs. So how do they manage to perfect this look so effortlessly? The truth is that getting the look is easier said than done! Most of them have probably spent hours mastering the art of transforming from the “completely bare face” to looking like “an ethereal beauty.”

But it doesn’t end there, to get the perfect look; possessing bright and radiant skin certainly doesn’t hurt. Our favorite celebs probably follow a strict diet and lifestyle to continue looking the way they do. Making small changes to your lifestyle, as well as your daily beauty regime is the secret to get that innocent yet stunning no makeup look. So, for all you lovely ladies who want that fresh, glowing, and perfectly natural no makeup look, this one is for you!

Drink tons of water

Want your skin to look fresh, dewy and plump? A clear skin tone is the easiest to work on to get the no makeup look. Water tops our list of things to get that perfect shine and clear complexion. So even though green tea or other herbal teas are great, nothing compares to good old water. But very few of us actually get around to drinking enough water per day. It’s better for you and your complexion to simply choose a cold tall glass of water, over soda, coffee lattes or other sugar-laden drinks. If you like, add a piece of lime and some drops of honey to your water to give it some flavor.

You can demolish all those blackheads and acne by just drinking enough water regularly. Just remember to use a good water purifier. We recommend getting one from a brand which has extensive experience in water purification technology. For instance, Kent water purifier uses an advanced multistage filtering process which is very critical for the purity of water.

Cover up well

One of the key components to getting and maintaining that dewy, healthy and clean look is by protecting your skin well, especially before applying makeup. All types of skin require moisturizer, and it’s essential that you keep your skin well hydrated for a smooth and glowing look. Moisturize whenever required but ensure to apply some immediately after washing your face as your face is stripped of its natural oils at this time; it’s also a good idea to moisturize just before putting on the base or foundation of your makeup.

There are a lot of good BB creams available in the market these days which combine two moisturizers and foundation to keep your skin protected even with makeup on and to give it that flawless appearance. The other “must do” part of your daily skin protection is applying sunscreen. The harmful UV rays of the sun are our skin’s worst enemies and one of the main reasons for the early aging of your skin.

The good news is that most brands today have realized the importance of sun protection and have introduced moisturizers and creams containing SPF which give you the dual advantage of sun protection along with hydration. So go ahead and “cover up” your skin to get that beautiful, healthy skin you covet.

Applying makeup correctly

There is a thin line between too much and just right makeup. Use your makeup appropriately to be able to fake having flawless skin. Too much or very heavy foundation or powders will clog pores and trouble your skin. To avoid rashes and blemishes use a product that will not irritate your skin, but one that works for you. A lighter foundation is what works the best for the au naturel look. Cover only the blemishes and avoid over-doing your base.

Also, choose mineral based and light makeup over those loaded with chemicals, and pore-clogging ingredients. Using only a little bit of blush and highlighter will bring a fresh, flush and warm look to your countenance. When it comes to your lipstick, pick a shade that matches the natural color of your lips. And the last but not the least, make sure to remove makeup from your face before bed- no excuses.

A good skin care regiment

Finally, you need to settle down on a proper skincare routine or schedule, to maintain even skin tone as well as easily get the no makeup look. All skin types are different and accordingly you need to find the routine for your skin that works best for you. There are broadly 3 skin types-dry, oily, and mixed (usually forming a T-Zone, which is oily forehead and a nose with the remaining skin being dry). First, it’s important to determine your correct skin type and follow a skin care regiment to match.

Once you get this right, the rest of your makeup routine gets much easier. It is also important to keep your skin clean at all times especially before bed every night, ensure to use a cleansing product to match your skin type. Washing your face with water may not be enough and swiping a cotton ball dipped in olive or coconut oil may prove to be a more efficient yet gentle option to getting rid of that stubborn waterproof makeup. Follow this up with the necessary miniaturization of your skin to wake up to a healthy and beautiful skin. Hope you found this post useful, do leave your comments here and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest | Youtube


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