4 Homemade Scalp Scrubs for a Glorious Mane


It is not just your facial skin that needs exfoliation. Your scalp needs it too. It will help keep your hair healthy and it will boost hair growth.
Your scalp needs a lot of TLC like the rest of your body and your hair. We often use the best shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, while ignoring the scalp. Now, this is where the dirt and buildup from hair products collects. This, in turn, clogs the hair follicles. That translates to hair disasters. You can use a scalp scrub for scalp exfoliation to avoid hair fall, promote hair growth, and prevent scalp conditions like itching, flakes and dandruff. The dirt from your scalp can also cause acne on your back and face. If these aren’t good enough reasons to use an exfoliating scalp mask, what is?

There are shampoos in the market that have been formulated to deal with scalp conditions like Head & Shoulders. In addition to using such shampoos, you can also prepare scalp scrubs right at home. If your next question is how to exfoliate your scalp, fear not. It is fairly simple. All you have to do is prepare a scrub and massage it into your scalp while gently scrubbing. Just make sure that you cover the hairline as well. The scrub can be washed off with warm or cool water after 15 minutes. You can use a clarifying shampoo. If you use a lot of hair products like hairspray and serum, it is a good idea to use the scrub more frequently, maybe twice a week.

#1 Sugar n’ Olive Scrub
This one is a hot favourite among scalp exfoliators. It is pretty easy to whip up: all you need is brown sugar and olive oil. This one is great for those of you with oily scalps.

#2 Minty Fresh Scrub
Take your usual shampoo and squeeze it out into a bowl. Add cornmeal and a few drops of peppermint oil and tea tree oil. Peppermint has a cooling effect, while tea tree oil is antibacterial and works well on dandruff. Also, check out 10 easy home remedies for dandruff. These home remedies will remove all the flakes, and will give you a clean scalp!

#3 Sugar n’ Coconut Scrub
Regular sugar granules added to coconut oil works as a great scalp scrub. You can also add a few drops lavender oil or tea tree oil to this. Remember, not to use essential oils directly. They must always be diluted in carrier oils.

#4 Conditioning Scrub
Squeeze out your favourite conditioner into a bowl.
Add baking soda, a few drops of essential oil, and a bit of vitamin E that can be squeezed out of a capsule. Wet your scalp, and scrub this mixture into your hair. After two minutes of scrubbing, wash your hair as usual with a mild shampoo and conditioner. By following this hair care routine regularly, your hair will benefit a lot. It can also be very relaxing to scrub your scalp as it releases stress that tends to tighten the neck and shoulder muscles and the area around your head.

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