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All Good Scents, Perfume for men, Perfumes for women,

Do you ever pay attention to people when they walk past you? The lovely Scent that lingers when you dance with someone?

Like all good things, scents linger and fade away in an instant. So make it worth their while. But then how do you pick up the right one at an affordable range you ask?

All Good Scents, Perfume for men, Perfumes for women,

Think no more ALL GOOD SCENTS brings you a whole new way of shopping for scents. They have something known as the SCENTBOX where you can choose 3 Fragrances out of their offerings for just Rs. 165 and they send in sample vials of 2ml each. Try them on and then you can order the real deal for as low as Rs. 750 for a 50ml bottle. The same holds true for Men’s fragrances as well.

I did get a chance to try Flirty, Evoke and Chic; out of which I loved Evoke the most, which had this intoxicating yet subtle top notes of – Blackcurrant, Green Notes, Bergamot. Flirty had a very floral top note with Lily Of The Valley, Bergamot, Blackcurrant in it; Chic on the other hand had a very fruity fragrance with top notes of Cedar, Wild Hyacinth, Green Apple.

All Good Scents, Perfume for men, Perfumes for women,

Disclaimer: Sample sent across for review purpose by the brand – All Good Scents, either way my reviews are always untainted and honest.

I liked another perfume from the Premium Range – LOLETTE for women that costs Rs.1,200/- for a 50ml bottle. It had this mischievous top notes of Coconut, Plum and apricot followed by sensual heart notes of Tuberose, Pimento, jasmine and then leaves you with dainty auro of Jacaranda, Rose and Vanilla.

All Good Scents, Perfume for men, Perfumes for women,

Do try these fragrances from All Good Scents and let me know if you like it?


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20 Replies to “All Good Scents that Linger!”

  1. Hmm I’ve never heard of this brand before. How lovely!Hope that you are having a Merry Christmas! Would love to follow each other’s blogs, just let me know 🙂

    Quirky, Brown Love

  2. I do love the packaging! And the scentbox is a lovely idea 🙂 By your review I also loved Lolette!

  3. Ohh!! Lovely review!! I love how you photographed each of the products!

  4. Thanks a bunch for introducing this brand to me 🙂 Will try it out soon! 🙂

  5. I love how you described Lolette. will surely try it soon enough! 🙂

  6. I love how you creatively pictured those perfumes! Makes me wanna buy them! Especially the Lolette 🙂

  7. Those fragrances sound lovely! And I sooo Wanna get my hands on Lolette, the bottle looks tempting!!

  8. I love the idea of buying scentbox! It makes sense to try them out and then buy the real deal 🙂 Lovely review indeed!

  9. The pictures are soo good that it makes me wanna buy them!! I love Evoke the most I guess!!

  10. Love the review!! Love Lolette as well! Will buy it soon!!

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