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The last Sunday at Orion Mall, Bangalore, was a fun event by Fossil, where DIY was the central theme of it all. A few of the fun activities were keeping the on-lookers busy, including Personalized Caricature artists marking their watch’s tins, some were spinning the wheel to test their luck, or some of them were busy arranging a Flat layout design that captured their personal style of wearing Fossil accessories. An added bonus was that, we could submit our entry for a chance to win $1000. My favourite DIY was making my own watch; It’s fairly simple, a two step process to sum it all – pick the face and then match the strap. But, the whole idea of designing one’s own watch is awesome!

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I’m an avid traveler, and a watch is my companion during my journey, to keep a track on time, and to plan my schedule accordingly; because you never know if your phone’s battery would even match your travel schedule.. right? I used to carry a Binocular and a vintage camera with those rolls too, when I was in school. So, my Flat Layout Design is a throwback, to those fun and adventurous travel trips, I’ve done back in my school and college days, along with my friends and family; bringing back all the Nostalgia from the 1990s.

Fossil Inc. is one of of those U.S. based watchmakers, whose design aesthetics are grunge and vintage in nature with an edgy new-age touch. The designs/impressions you see on the watches are inspired by Industrial Machinery; to get inspired by something that rugged and turn that into something wearable, is Art. Featured as part of their exhibits, were a few collections of Fossils that I personally adore, as my style is inspired by vintage grunge too.

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The Oak Collection for men, is influenced by the brown colour palette, whereas the ‘The Mechanical’ collection has its jewels showing, I call it the rugged beauty. Kaleido is another collection for women, inspired by the trippy designs in a Kaleidoscope, you can find a handbag to go with your watch too. The ‘Her – Boyfriend’ collection is my personal favourite; it sums up my persona which is a mix of laid back vintage Grunge, simple tomboyish accessorizing style with a topping of femininity.

holiday season with fossil, indian fashion and lifestyle blog style a pastiche, watches by fossil

holiday season with fossil, indian fashion and lifestyle blog style a pastiche, watches by fossil, calling all curious

holiday season with fossil, indian fashion and lifestyle blog style a pastiche, How to wear embroidered jacket, tan brogues

How to wear Brogues, How to wear Tan accessories

holiday season with fossil, indian fashion and lifestyle blog style a pastiche, watches by fossil

Outfit Details: Custom Made Embroidered crop Jacket | Pepe Denim | Fossil Rose Gold Watch (Haven’t seen them in Indian Stores) | Rose Gold Bracelet | Crochet Top, Brown Backpack and Tan Shoes from Flea market, Singapore | No makeup face with just a Fuchsia lipstick from L’oreal.

Photo Credits Haarika Reddy

Fossil can also be reached on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

I hope you had fun reading this as much as I had fun being there and experiencing the whole event. I hope you also liked my look with a touch of Tan and lace. Do leave me your comments here or on Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin | Pinterest


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  1. Love this intriguing visit to Fossil Great photos! LOVE your custom jacket and lace top and great flats. The DIY part seems fun! I do like that company very much ! You look gorgeous here!
    xx, Elle

  2. I agree that a watch is definitely a companion. I don’t travel much but I wear a watch all day long. And I absolutely love fossil watches. Great post girl. 👌🏼

  3. Wow! I love vintage pieces. Nice post. And yes, your shoes look so cool!

  4. Oh such a unique concept… I love my watches to have one fossil in my stash..Hey those shoes…OOOMPH

  5. It’s good to see that they have come up with such interesting and interacting event. Experimenting this way is really cool. The Oak collection is looking supreme. Is it just for men? Cuz I loved it!! Also I am a fan of your Singapore flea market collection now 🙂 It feels so good to be here Chaicyy… every time.

  6. Their collection is classic, stylish and stunning. Hoping to add one from their collection soon.

  7. Ahhh..Fossil is definitely one of my fav brands when it comes to watches!!! You look amazing as always! 🙂

  8. fantastico!! adorei!!! é tão fixe essas enaugorações eu gostava de ir a uma *-*

  9. Chaicy … I haven’t worn a watch in years but I agree it would be a good idea incase our phone ran out of power.

    I wanted to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog when I was thinking about whether I wanted to write again. I decide to come back as I missed it a lot xox ♡

  10. Loved the laces with indian..and the watches look great..seems you had fun 😀

  11. That is a great visit 🙂 Loved what you are wearing…I like fossil watches, they are very classy 🙂

  12. Fossil watches are so elegant and timeless looking! It’s the kind of watch you can keep for years and years.

  13. Lovely post. I like your whole outfit- custom made crop jacket, crochet top, no makeup look.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments. Really appreciate. Hope to see you more often.

  14. I am a watch person myself. I don’t like to leave the house without one on my wrist. How fun that you were able to make your own. I would love to do that as well. This was a great post. Your photos are fantastic!


  15. The watches, handbags and accessories from Fossil are all so amazing! This is one of my favorite brands. Thanks for sharing xo

  16. When I was working at Mid Day, I won a Fossil watch at a speed dating event. I took part only to document the journey, never knew i’d win it. Lovely outfit! I can never pull off brogues, you certainly do it in style.

  17. How awesome and fun !! I always loved fossil boxes, so cool that you can design you own and your own watch! I love watches !
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. All of my watches are from Fossil so I’m definitely a big fan! Loved your outfit for the event, too!

  19. Those watches are so beautiful! And we can still choose our own straps! Nice!! Cool event to attend! =)

  20. love fossil! i keep drooling at their rose gold jewellery

  21. I love your outfit, you look great. I’ve never really been a fan of Fossil but I’ll have to give them a second chance as I’m looking for a new watch.

  22. hey your Photos are lively and the Fossil is my love :*

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